Wallpaper to be used:

Wallpapers that require to be aligned with the next strip for pattern matching result in paper waste. The length varies depending on the pattern and is printed at the back of the wallpaper (see sample in-store). Enter the measurement in the following box: "Waste for pattern matching".



Surface to be papered:

Wall 1:

Wall 2:

Wall 3:

Wall 4:

Surfaces NOT to be papered:

If you have several doors or windows, add up the measurements and enter the total.





double rolls of wallpaper.

Double rolls are the best-selling format at RONA. If you buy single rolls, double the quantity indicated. On average, a double roll of wallpaper covers a surface of 4.65 sq. m. Please note that this may vary depending on the interval of repetition in the pattern. The greater the interval, the more wallpaper you will need. Speak to your RONA retailer for more details! When you buy your wallpaper, make a note of the lot number in case you decide to put up more of it later, because there could be a colour variation from one lot to another.


This calculator is provided to help you plan your project. The results you obtain should be interpreted as an estimate based upon the measurements you entered, and not as a definite recommendation. RONA cannot guarantee the quality of the results obtained without having previously verified the exactness of your measurements or measurement estimates. For detailed advice about your project, consult your RONA retailer.