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Kitchen lighting

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Kitchen lighting should be both functional and decorative. Essential for meal preparation as well as kitchen dining, the lighting you chose should foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for receiving both family and guests.

Plan your kitchen lighting by first learning about the types of lighting fixtures available. General lighting or task-specific: all areas of the kitchen require lighting to enable you to carry out your daily activities. Also, familiarize yourself with the types of light bulbs available so you can enjoy the kind of light and atmosphere you’re looking to create.

Read the guide carefully, and start planning your kitchen lighting.

4-light vanity fixture  
Format 33.37"-60W-INCL
Article #43855046
Box of 6 Recessed Fixtures  
Format 3"-6PK 50W
Article #84095007
Box of 6 Recessed Fixtures  
Format 3"-6PK 50W
Article #84095008
Set of 6 Swivel Recessed Light Fixtures  
Format 4"-PAR20/50W-PK6
Article #84095011

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