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Coffee Makers and Kettles (0)

Use coffee makers to brew hot and refreshing beverages for enjoyment at home or to share with employees at the workplace. An essential break room appliance to go along with microwave ovens, there are models with included carafes for making enough coffee to share. Single-serve models make one cup at a time as needed, using prepackaged pods or refillable and reusable cups to contain grounds. Electric kettles offer a convenient way to heat water for tea, hot chocolate, or instant coffee. Rona carries these and many other small appliances for preparing beverages and meals.
Get a quick pick-me-up every morning by using these programmable coffee makers, which feature an intuitive design for a simple coffee-making process. The optimal brewing temperature technology is available in several models, ensuring each coffee pot is hot when done. With a transparent water window, it’s easy to pour water inside the kettle for precise measurements. Choose from multiple colour options such as white, black, and red kitchen appliances to match the existing home decor. Electric coffee makers, compact refrigerators, and dishwashers are essential appliances for kitchen areas to provide functionality, and make cooking processes easier.

Select 12-cup coffee machines are ideal for households with several members, so everyone can enjoy a fresh steaming cup. High-functioning small kitchen appliances fit in various storage compartments, such as kitchen cabinets or open-design areas under the countertop. Many coffee makers come with removable filters and baskets that are dishwasher safe for convenience. Some models have carafes with a reinforced glass material that is temperature resistant to prevent cracks. Practical handles on various carafes make it easy to pour fresh coffee in cups using minimal effort. Convenient indicator lights show if the coffee machine is on or off to ensure security. 

Cordless bases are available in select kettle sets, so you can carry them from the kitchen to another room. Stainless steel kettles are ideal for frequent travelers, as they provide durability along with small dimensions for easy storage. Some coffee brewing appliances feature an intuitive LED panel to adjust various settings before brewing a new pot of coffee. An automatic steam purge in coffee machines gets rid of the aroma after switching from coffee to tea, or vice versa. 

A variety of options includes coffee maker models that can brew several mild, medium, and bold coffee brews, and cocoa. Stylish and sleek designs offset a contemporary look, so you can fit them into office breakrooms, or modern dining areas at home.