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Consider doormats created with the end-user in mind to welcome your guests in style. Choose from Rona's variety of durable and easy-to-clean poly-made, recycled PVC, rubber, or coco entry mats to keep water and dirt off your flooring. Install stain-resistant, durable, and decor-rich grass rugs to protect your patio and deck from extreme wear and moisture. To continue floor protection, consider indoor and outdoor runners that match in decor and style with your indoor flooring for best results. Protect hallways and steps with multiples lengths and materials.
Keep mud and dirt away from floors with Rona’s doormats. Let your personality shine through by picking a model with wording or drawings that reflect your thoughts. Alternatively, keep things simple and formal with a solid-coloured product. Look for colours and designs that complement the exterior or interior part of the home, depending on where the entry mat is placed. Consider coordinating the mats at all entryways, from the front to the back. 

Exterior doormats have different requirements when compared to interior ones. When used outside, a mat should be made from materials that are weather-resistant, such as woven seagrass, teak, or waterproof coconut fibers. Find models with non-slip backings that ensure the mat stays in its place, even on a rainy day. The backing to a doormat is similar to the underlayment of a carpet, which facilitates adhesion between the different components of the system. During the winter, it’s advisable to stay away from using all-rubber mats, since the weather conditions can lead to the rubber cracking. Instead, lean towards weather-resistant woven fibers. 

While most entry mats are suitable for both inside and outside use, some come in materials that don’t withstand the weather well. Mats made with materials such as jute, cloth, or sisal work well inside. These are just right for protecting floors and for ensuring the lingering dirt on shoes doesn’t scratch them. Mats can also soak up more of the moisture from rained-on shoes. Another important role they fulfil is protection from household pets with claws that can do substantial damage to the integrity of floors. 

The size of the mat is also an important consideration, as it should work with the door’s size. An ideal size is 80% of the doorway’s width. The height is another element of importance, since those that are too thick tend to prevent the smooth opening of doors. With that in mind, pick thick mats for outdoor use, particularly if they come with scraper surfaces, as those eliminate debris effectively.