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Gym space in a basement


The Latest Basement and Garage Trends

Discover the latest decor trends for the basement, garage, and other multipurpose rooms: colours, storage, lighting, and division of space. Check out our carefully curated inspiration and helpful tips!

Portrait of the interior design expert
Lydia Thammavong
Head Designer, Styles and Trends
With a passion for design and art in all its forms, Lydia travels the continents to stay on top of all the latest trends. She draws inspiration from them and adapts them to update every living space.

Pick the Best Colours for a Garage or Basement

Favour pale colours for the garage and basement walls. For the floor, a neutral colour will help make the space bright and welcoming while hiding dirt well. 

For garages, it’s important to use high-performance paint that stands up to cleaning. Since it’s a high-traffic area, very durable materials­­—such an epoxy floor coating—are a must.

While pale colours offer many benefits for the basement, an accent wall with dark matte colours, even black, can create a cozy and enfolding cocoon.
Dark blue wall in a basement

Dark colours can create a hushed atmosphere that’s perfect for a home theatre!

Dark blue moulding accent wall
Small shelving unit in a gym spaceGarage with optimized storage

Optimizing Storage

The more storage you need, the more you need to plan it before getting started. 

Here are my best tips to optimize your space and prevent clutter: 

  • Use tons and tons of closed storage.
  • Make use of the walls as much as possible, including with shelving and wall cabinets.
  • Hook objects at a height to free up floor space.

Pro Tip

Another important detail if you want to use the garage for something other than parking a car: insulation! Comfort is key when you want to use the garage for activities. 

For the basement, don’t forget to add an underlayment under your floor covering to enhance warmth, soundproofing, and comfort.

Gym space in a basement

Divide the Space to Ensure a Seamless Look

First, you need to think about all the activities for which you’ll use the garage or basement and make a plan that leaves plenty of space to walk around. The key is making sure everything has its place. A few examples: 

Food Storage 

Install a few shelves near the fridge to create a cold pantry for canned goods and extra nonperishables. Placing food near the door leading into the house is highly convenient. 


Think about adding closed cabinets for a clear field of vision and add an easy-to-clean plastic carpet. 

Jam Space 

Hang instruments on the wall. They’ll be adequately stored, and they’ll also decorate the room! 


Add a foam carpet under your fitness machines and accessories for enhanced comfort. 

For more inspiration, check out our raw gym.

Pro Tip

For a clean look, use the same colour on every wall. The spaces will then be divided using furniture or carpets. If your garage or basement’s purpose changes, you won’t have to repaint!

Use Lighting to Make the Space Move Inviting and Functional

The problem with most garages and basements is that they don’t have enough light. There are many ways to address this to make the room more inviting and functional: 

  • When possible, you can let natural light shine through by adding windows in the walls. You can also replace the door for one with glass panels.
  • Think about adding a motion detector near the door so the general lighting automatically turns on. It’s handy when you have your hands full!
  • Don’t forget to add accent lights, like table or floor lamps, in the activity areas. Whether you’re plying your craft or strumming a guitar, you’ll find task lighting handy.

Give the Ceiling Some Much Deserved Love

In addition to improving light diffusion and allowing direct access to ducts, pipes, and cables, ceiling tiles block and absorb noise. However, you may notice that your old materials have yellowed over time. While they can be refreshed with a coat or two of paint, replacing them with more modern designs, such as the popular coffered models, can help you give the room a whole new look on a budget!

Personalize the Space and Bring Some Life into It

Garages and basements are mainly functional spaces, but it doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Decorative accents here and there will add some of your personal flair. 

Think about adding a few artificial plants as they add some life but don’t need tending to.

Round mirror with a brass frame
Small shelving unit
Decorative bowl
Dark grey planter

Pro Tip

Have dust issues in the garage? Try to position your activity areas closer to the door to the house. You can also build a half-wall or even add a moveable wall or screen to divide the space.