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Bathroom Space Saving on a Budget

There’s nothing better than a tidy and sleek bathroom. But for that, you need storage space. How can you do this in a small bathroom? Here are our best tips to get the most of your small space at little cost and without compromising on style.

The Colours of a Modern Zen Bathroom

Earthy, nature-inspired colours have a soothing and nurturing effect that brings balance to the sharp contrast between black and white.
Outdated green bathroom
Modern bathroom with storage space

A Winning Transformation

We love the refined look, straight lines, and simplicity of a modern style. It’s the perfect choice for a bathroom, but to keep the space from seeming cold and impersonal, add some plants that thrive in a humid environment.

To gain storage space, you don’t always need to change the dimensions or the layout of the room. All you need to do is create well thought-out storage spaces.
Modern looking black bathroom vanity

A Vanity as Functional as It Is Beautiful

The vanity is not only the bathroom’s centrepiece, it’s also the gold standard for storage. There are models for every taste—with styles, sizes, and prices that meet every need.

If there isn’t enough storage space in your bathroom, go for a model with several drawers and compartments like this one.
Medicine cabinet with mirror

Storage Right on the Wall with a Medicine Cabinet

Replace your simple mirror with a medicine cabinet to store even more items. A surface installation doesn’t require opening up the wall, saving you time and money.
Bathroom with open shelves

Open Shelves Instead of Enclosed Spaces

No more enclosed spaces! Here, adding custom shelves helps keep everything handy. In addition to being cute, baskets prevent clutter and make items on higher shelves easier to reach.

Designer Tip

Use natural materials like wood or bamboo, and decorate the room with storage baskets made of natural fibres.
Bamboo shower caddy
Decorative ladder with towels

Useful Accessories to Complete the Look

To avoid clutter around the bathtub, you can add a shower caddy. A ladder also gives you a place to hang towels while adding some modern flair. You can even hang magazines to please the bathroom reader in the family! Lastly, add some plant life to the decor by adding pretty potted plants on the window sill.

Pro Tip

To further enhance the comfort of your new bathroom, don't forget about heating. From underfloor heating to wall-mounted convectors, there is no shortage of options!

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