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Published on January 19, 2023

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Renovation on a Budget: Small Organized Kitchen

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise on look or functionality! Discover our top tips to optimize your space in style, at little cost.

Save Thanks to Private Labels

Read on to get budget-friendly makeover ideas for the most important room in your home: the kitchen. We have everything you need to remodel your space under one roof—at incredible value.

Let’s start with our Allen + Roth and Project Source private, exclusive labels. They are the stars in this compact and functional kitchen. Private-label products are a great option for budget renovations, as they are generally more affordable than their national-brand counterparts.

Choose a Soft and Pure Palette

Lighter shades attract light. And light creates the effect of a larger space! Using a bolder accent colour, on the other hand, can make the room more imposing.

Use our Colour Selector by SICO to choose the perfect hues for the small kitchen of your dreams. Once you have placed your order online, our team will create the shades you have chosen and all you have to do is come pick up your paint in store.

Smart Saving Tips

There are a few ways to save on the cost of painting. Here are our top tips:

  • Use a paint with a stain-blocking primer, which provides excellent coverage in only one coat, like SICO Prestige.
  • Opt for recycled paint, like Boomerang.
  • Choose a darker shade to take advantage of the high coverage.

Opt for Cabinets That are Both Elegant and Functional

Well lit day and night, this modern kitchen has tons of storage thanks to the Eklipse cabinet configuration and the large island, providing a versatile and convenient space—for a total cost of under $5,000.

With trendy colours and contemporary designs to fit any budget, Eklipse cabinets offer excellent value for money. And since the cabinets come preassembled, they are also quick and easy to install.

Designer Tip

Need a quick solution to refresh kitchen cabinets without spending too much? For less than $500, change up the handles! Thanks to its versatile design, this transitional model can even hide the holes and any other trace of the previous handles.

Add a Touch of Elegance with Wall Tiles

This ceramic tile’s traditional shape and subtle variations in texture provide a handmade look at a fraction of the price! Its glossy finish reflects light, creating the impression of depth and making the space look bigger. In addition, laying the tiles vertically and in a row creates the illusion of height, which is ideal for small rooms with enclosed spaces or low ceilings.
Kitchen with glossy green wall tiles
Green textured wall tiles

Don’t Skip the Sink

It is often overlooked that sink selection is one of the most important decisions in designing a new kitchen. Since it is used for a multitude of activities, from preparing meals to washing dishes, it is essential to opt for a design that is functional, durable, and well adapted to the space. Luckily, the options are endless! We offer a wide range of stainless-steel designs and sizes, as well as a selection of granite sinks in various colours (such as white, black, and charcoal grey)—all at competitive prices.

Designer Tip

The addition of a quartz countertop is sure to enhance any decor—modern, minimalist, or traditional. Sleek, timeless, and bright, quartz countertops with large vein patterns are a strong trend that is here to stay. To create a similar look for little, opt for a laminate countertop in a quartz finish.

Personalize Your Space Further with Lighting

Adding or replacing a light fixture can transform a room at little cost. In this kitchen, the addition of two Project Source pendant lights comes down to only $200.

The choice of bulb is also a small detail that makes a big difference! The new smart LED technologies allow you to choose from a range of colours, shades, and intensities to adapt the room’s atmosphere to your desires and moods. Want to enjoy bright, neutral light while preparing food, but create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while dining? With smart bulbs, the options are virtually endless!

Enhance the Space with Flooring

This vinyl plank flooring with natural maple finish adds warmth to the space and provides a nice contrast to the grey cabinets. This luxury flooring bears a modern look and a striking resemblance to hardwood. Plus, its textured, low-gloss finish hides dirt well. Vinyl is waterproof, durable, and easy to maintain, making it a great choice for the kitchen.

Add the Final Touch with the Latest Appliances

We have a vast selection of appliances for every taste and budget. Smart, connected appliances are the key to making your life easier and reducing your energy consumption (and, as a result, your electricity bill). Stainless-steel appliances combined with grey cabinets give the space a neat, clean look.
Stainless-steel refrigerator
Stainless-steel range
Stainless-steel dishwasher

Let Us Install It for You!

Looking for help with your project? We can assist you with the installation of kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, faucets, and sinks, as well as interior finishes such as mouldings and paint.

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