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Published on January 19, 2023

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Renovation on a Budget: Small Bathroom with Laundry Corner

A small bathroom can quickly become disorganized and unpleasant, especially when it also serves as a laundry room. That’s why it’s important to design it with care and consider every element, from bathroom fixtures to storage to decor. Discover our top tips to optimize your space in style, without busting your budget!

Makeover Your Space on a Budget

Check out our best tips and browse the on-trend—yet inexpensive—products we curated for this small bathroom remodel, from a $500 vanity to cordless privacy blinds and a sleek mirror that both cost around $60.

A Bright and Organic Palette

A modestly sized room can feel cold or closed in, especially when there are no windows. And since the choice of colours has a strong impact on our perception of space, it’s important to opt for shades that will provide maximum brightness. So lighter shades—like white, beige, and very light grey—are excellent choices for a small bathroom like this one.

Choose the Right Paint

For the bathroom, it is essential to choose an interior paint that is highly resistant to stains and mould. In addition, washable and scrubbable paints like SICO Kitchen and Bathroom are a cost-saving and practical choice that will prevent you from having to repaint your bathroom prematurely. Discover our colours and find inspiration with the Colour Selector by SICO.

Smart Saving Tips

One secret to saving money during a low-budget renovation project without compromising on looks? Check out private-label products, which are often less expensive than national-brand equivalents. Our Allen + Roth and Project Source exclusive, private-label products steal the show in this small bathroom with a laundry corner. Can you spot them?

Select the Perfect Bathroom Vanity for Your Space

Specially designed for small spaces, this lovely two-drawer bathroom vanity in a walnut finish is part of our Project Source private-label collection. Thanks to our exclusive models, trendy colours, and various designs from farmhouse to modern, there are options for every taste and budget. There really are solutions for optimizing storage in any space:
  • wall-mounted furniture to free up floor space and make cleaning a breeze
  • options with multiple compartments
  • shallow models, ideal for long, narrow rooms like this one
  • designs with sliding doors
  • corner furniture, perfect for irregularly shaped spaces

Designer Tip

Whether you choose a model with legs or a floating bathroom vanity, the floor clearance lets you see the flooring, creating the impression of a larger floor space.

Enhance the Room with the Latest Ceramic Tiles

A small room allows you to be more daring with textures and colours. Choosing a single splurge item is also a great way to personalize the space without breaking the bank. We planned this reno using the wall tile as the main focal point before adding more budget-friendly items elsewhere in the room. We love the contrast of the sea foam blue wall tiles with the brown furniture. And the vertical installation makes it feel like the bathroom floor extends seamlessly into the shower.

Smart Saving Tips

When a ceramic tile catches your eye, don’t forget to have a look at other sizes available. For the same design, the price per square foot can vary greatly.

Laundry corner in a small bathroom

Design a Convenient Laundry Corner

A modestly sized bathroom with a laundry corner? No problem! Simply work carefully chosen furniture, materials, and products into the space to get the most out of it. State-of-the-art appliances with a countertop (handy for sorting or folding laundry!), a pretty wall shelf, and multifunction cabinets that are easy to assemble and match are enough to transform this small bathroom into a space that combines functionality and style.
Bathroom mirror with a 4-light vanity bar

Switch Things Up with New Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting can easily be overlooked, but it’s often “that” small change that ties the space together. To save on new lighting fixtures, make sure to choose a design that fits with the existing wiring and placement, then browse our vast selection. We have designs for every taste and budget—such as this timeless 4-light vanity bar from Project Source, which costs less than $60.

And psst, switching the bathroom fan grille for a budget-friendly model with integrated LED lighting allows you to add extra light to your space for under $50!

Small Details that Allow You to Save Big Bucks

Buying a bathroom fan and a programmable thermostat to save money? Say that again? Over time, condensation can damage non-water-resistant surfaces, such as cabinet doors and mouldings, while leading to mould growth. By clearing the air and protecting your home, bathroom fans are a must in any bathroom. Adding a programmable thermostat also gives you more control over temperature and allows you to create schedules—which lower your bills. In both cases, the long-term benefits are well worth the initial spend!


Pro Tip

When designing a room with custom solutions, it’s best to choose unfinished wood products. Then, simply paint or stain them the same colour as the furniture for a seamless match! That’s what we did for the storage cabinets and shelf in the laundry corner of this small bathroom.

Leave the Installation to Us!

Your peace of mind is worth the price. Let us install the bathroom vanity, flooring, countertop, plumbing, and faucets, as well as the bathroom fan. We can even help you out with the finishing touches!

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