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Scandinavian-Inspired Bathroom

When my husband and I decided to start building our house, we opted for a minimalist and sleek Scandinavian look. We chose a light colour palette that complements our wood-burning fireplace and the abundant windows looking out to nature. For the bathroom, we wanted to keep the sleek, Scandinavian style to ensure consistency with the rest of the house.

Kimberly Denis
Content creator

My Bathroom Inspiration

I decided to combine a sleek Scandinavian style with tiles that look like marble, while keeping the colours light. I also chose black faucets for more contrast.

Scandinavian-inspired bathroom colors

Neutral shades are in the spotlight. Use our SICO paint selector to find the perfect color for your bathroom!

Preparing the Bathroom Work

Last fall, our house was under construction. This was the perfect time to install the floor-mounted faucet, which would later be combined with our standing bathroom vanity. This is also when I chose the Plenitude ECO acrylic drop-in bathtub. Why a bath instead of a shower? I’ve often heard that it’s more convenient for bathing babies. Choosing a bath with shower also saves space in the bathroom.

We also had mould-resistant drywall installed (essential for a bathroom) and the joints finished, and completed the painting.


Installation of the Bath-Shower

For the bath-shower wall, we chose 12" x 24" Mono Serra porcelain tile. We called upon the services of a professional tiler, as we wanted an impeccable finish.

The bathtub door is the Orion model by Vigo. Its half-arch shape helps break up the room’s symmetry.


Bathroom Vanity Installation

We chose the Riley bathroom vanity by Ikou (42"). We were drawn to its elegant and durable engineered stone countertop. We also liked the compartmentalized drawers that optimize storage as well as the electrical outlet integrated within the vanity—it’s very practical!

For the faucet, we chose the unique Breckenridge model in matte black with a touch of the farmhouse style. All these choices create total harmony in the room.


The Final Touch

In order to keep with the curves, I chose a round mirror rather than a square model. I fell in love with the black Hub wall mirror by Umbra. The matte-finish wall sconce, also round, ties in nicely with the curves of the mirror and the bath-shower door.

We started our project at the beginning of the pandemic, despite all the uncertainty at the time. The greatest challenge was designing the room ourselves, choosing the materials and colours, as well as managing the entire project organization and all of its stages. My main objective was to maintain consistency in design throughout the house. I wanted to have a guiding axis for the entire house, and I think we achieved that.

We are very pleased with the final look of our new bathroom. We love the sleek Scandinavian style, and we’re glad to see that the room was thought through in the long term. It is impossible for us to choose a favourite item because we were so impressed with the quality of the materials and accessories. Our new bathroom combines simplicity, practicality, and design.

Kimberly Denis
Content creator
Kimberly is a content creator from Quebec City. She and her partner built their dream home over the past year. Kimberly shares her daily life and travels on her Instagram account, @beurl. Before becoming a full-time content creator, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing at Université Laval and studied abroad in Portugal for a few months.

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