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Powder Room Transformation for Under $3,000

Want to refresh your powder room without blowing your budget? Let’s see how we can give it a cottagecore feel for under $3,000.

The Colours of the Cottagecore Trend

A chalky and soft colour palette is a smart choice to go with the darker elements of the vanity and the wallpaper, and it’s perfect for small spaces.

Cool Current (6199-42), a soothing shade of green, is Sico’s 2022 Colour of the Year! We love how this paint colour brings nature’s lush abundance into this small bathroom.
Small bathroom with outdated decor
Cottagecore style small bathroom

Give Your Powder Room a Vintage and Country Look

For this transformation, we drew inspiration from cottagecore, a trend that combines a vintage look, faded colours, as well as patterns and materials harkening back to the Victorian countryside—with a modern touch. A far cry from the sleek Scandinavian style, this trend charms with its country softness.
Off-white wall panels paired with a botanical wallpaper

Add Wall-to-Wall Style

Give the room more character by adding wall panels with light colours paired to an elegant wallpaper. Lively botanical and floral patterns add a lush green touch to the room.
Single bathroom vanity with mirrors on the doors

Choose a Single Vanity

Single vanities (with only one sink) are perfect for half baths and small bathrooms. And since it’s the most popular format, there are options for every budget and taste, including models under $200.

Pro Tip

If your powder room is extremely small, you could also choose a pedestal sink. With their clean lines, these sinks add a splash of elegance to the room while freeing up lots of space. However, these models don’t have storage.
Bathroom mirror with two wall sconces
Pendant light with white wooden beads

Enhance the Room with a Mirror and New Lighting Fixtures

Swapping the mirror and lighting fixtures will give the room an affordable facelift. Also, replacing the ceiling fixture with a hanging light adds a unique touch. The mirror’s rounded shapes and spheric wall sconces also soften the space.

Pro Tip

When it comes to decorative mirrors, the shape and look are more important than functionality—the goal is to spruce up your interior decor. On the flip side, a functional mirror is mainly used to look at your reflection, not only to decorate your wall. Choose the perfect mirror that matches your needs!
Bathroom faucet and accessories with matching finish

Coordinate the Finishes for a Unified Look

Choose a faucet and bathroom accessories with a finish that matches the vanity pulls for a unified look. Most importantly, be creative! Since it’s a smaller space to cover, you can splurge on more expensive materials while staying on budget.
Modern toilet in a small bathroom

Time to Go Green

It’s the perfect time to seek more eco-friendly products! For the toilet, go for an eco-friendly and modern model. Keep in mind that WaterSense certified toilets use at least 20% less water than traditional models. Can’t choose? Check out our toilet buying guide.

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