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Get the Look: Oasis Bathroom

The Oasis bathroom features a luxurious and nature-inspired look. Natural materials stand the test of time while adding character and warmth to the space. Find out how to get the look on a budget!

Shades of soft and wispy gray will remain timeless and add sophistication to any space. However, it’s always a good idea to add a dash of colour to liven things up, bring out the greys, and keep the space from looking cold.

Use the Colour Selector by Sico to find the perfect shade. Ultra-washable, durable, and resistant, the Sico Endurance range is perfect for a bathroom.

Designer Tip

A wallpaper accent wall also brings texture and accentuates the room’s natural look.

Luxurious and modern bathroomItalian shower with marbled wall tiles

Bring Nature into the Bathroom

Natural and noble materials like stone are trendy. We’re bringing nature into the bathroom with elegantly veined marble, mineral-looking materials, and green plants. Not only do plants clean the air, but they also add colour and life to the space.
Chrome shower column

Perfect Your Space with the Latest in Faucets

Whether you choose a faucet or a shower column, changing fashion plumbing is one of the most effective ways to transform a bathroom for less. There are options for every taste and budget. Just make sure you match finishes, and you’re all set!

Designer Tip

Always trendy and timeless, chrome finishes add a bit of shine. On the other hand, brushed nickel has the benefit of making water spots and fingerprints less visible.

Dark grey ceramic tile flooring

Go For a Floor That’s Both Attractive and Functional

For a bathroom, favour moisture-resistant flooring, such as ceramic tiles and vinyl. Large slate-like tiles are perfect for accenting the natural look of this bathroom.

Choose the Best Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is both functional and decorative. While wall scones placed near the mirror make you look good from morning to night, invisible lighting fixtures (such as recessed lights) provide discreet lighting while taking up less space.

Remember to add a dimmer to control the brightness and change the ambiance to your liking!
Grey bathroom vanity with three wall shelves

De-clutter to Make Space for Well-Being

It’s said that open and uncluttered spaces promote well-being and relaxation. To avoid clutter, start with a practical and attractive bathroom vanity with many drawers and cabinets. Next, to free up the floor, optimize your vertical storage with a spacious shower niche and wall shelves.

Leave Installation to Us!

Need a hand with installation? Our qualified professionals are there to help with the following:

And hey, why not install a heated floor while you’re at it?

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