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Modern avec spacious foyer

Renovation on a Budget: Entryway Decor

Although utilitarian in nature, the entryway sets the tone for your home’s decor. It’s also your guests’ first impression! No matter what your budget is, you can give it an elegant, modern style with a boho touch.

A Spacious and Neat Entryway

Want to bring your entrance up to date? From small changes to a full makeover, here are our best tips and tricks based on three budget categories.

The Colours of a Bright and Modern Entryway

This soft and neutral colour palette creates a subtle yet bright vibe. Go for warmer colours, taking care to add matching accessories, to make sure your open and spacious entryway never feels empty or cold.

Use the Colour Selector by SICO to find the perfect shade for your entryway.

Small Budget: Refreshing Your Entryway for Less than $600

Refresh: paint, lighting, and accessories

A mirror gives depth to the room and is very handy for quickly checking your look before leaving the house. A small side table is useful for emptying your pockets, while adding a plant brings a splash of life to the room by bringing nature into your home. Another small and budget-friendly change with a big impact? Adding an elegant lighting fixture with a brass finish.

Grey doormat

Designer Tip

Round shapes are in! In addition to softening the space, they also create a nice contrast with the straight lines of other elements. We love oval or arched mirrors as well as lighting fixtures with glass globes, which give the room a retro touch.

Mid-Level Budget: A New Look for Under $1,500

Refresh: all small-budget components, entryway door knob, and storage cabinets

With its sleek and modern look, the new entry door knob bolsters the room’s contemporary look and feel. The pre-assembled and ready-to-install cabinets of the Eklipse collection are perfect for big families, offering a quick and low-cost solution to refresh the room. Each family member can have their own storage space!

Brushed nickel entry door knob

Pro Tip

Since the entryway sees a lot of traffic in your home, go for more durable materials, such as ceramic tile flooring and high-quality washable paint.

Full Makeover: A Brand-New Entryway for Around $3,700

Refresh: all small- and mid-level budget components, ceramic flooring, entry door, and materials

The ceramic floor is big enough for people to come into the house without ever dirtying the wood floors. It separates the space nicely, creating a zone inside the open space. Natural materials, such as wood and the marble look, also bring warmth and elegance to the room. Complete the look and bathe the room in natural light by choosing an entry door with large glass panes.

Double entry door with large glass panes

Designer Tip

A strategically placed mirror will reflect the door’s natural light, almost like you added a window to the room!

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