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Get the Look: Luxury Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Fans of the farmhouse and transitional styles will love this modern luxury kitchen. Discover how to add elegance and a touch of mystery to your space.

Used sparingly, rich and very dark colours, even black, can help create an atmosphere that’s both mysterious and elegant, reminiscent of luxurious mansions in gothic movies.

Use the Colour Selector by Sico to find the perfect shade and to place your order online, from the comfort of your home. For unparalleled durability and an ultra-smooth, washable finish, choose the Sico Prestige interior pain with stain-blocking primer.
Cocktail nook in a modern farmhouse kitchenStove in an arched niche

Discover the Farmhouse and Transitional Styles

While the farmhouse style wonderfully combines rusticity and elegance, the transitional style is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor. Both create a warm atmosphere and a sophisticated aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

The antique accents and touches of wood or faux wood give a farmhouse feel to this kitchen worthy of a modern manor. A transitional design is achieved using noble materials, brass accents, and classic curves.

Designer Tip

Wall shelves are increasingly being used in interior design. Practical and attractive, they provide vertical storage as well as a place to display decorative objects such as frames and plants.

Black minimalist kitchen cabinets

Simplify Your Life with Pre-assembled Cabinets

Simplify your life by opting for pre-assembled cabinets from the Eklipse collection. Made in Canada, they give you an excellent value for your money. You can even choose from a range of trendy colours and create a design that showcases your style!

Designer Tip

The island’s finish is a bold choice that creates a nice contrast with the wall cabinets.

Black quartz kitchen countertop

Extend the Countertop onto the Wall

Extending the countertop onto the wall creates a sense of space and an optical illusion, blurring the line between the countertop and the wall. This choice is more than just aesthetic, as the wall portion of the countertop also serves as a backsplash.

Designer Tip

The ivory-white chairs and accessories highlight the elegant veining on the black quartz countertop, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Chandelier style lighting fixtures

Make a Statement with Lighting

In a space that combines farmhouse and transitional designs, chandelier-style hanging lights add an interesting contrast to the rustic wood accents. Their ornate details help create a chic and impressive effect.
Kitchen floor with a faux wood finish

Create a Unified Look by Opting for one Type of Flooring

Extending the open floor plan into the kitchen, without delineating the space, is very much on trend. For an even more unified look, we opted for a colour that matches the wood accents in the room, like the wall shelves.

Take Luxury to the Next Level with a State-of-the-Art Faucet

There are options and finishes for all projects and budgets. We love this modern design featuring an elegant pairing of brass and matte black.

Simplify Your Life: Have it Installed!

Need help installing kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, or faucets? Or putting up moulding and painting your space? Contact our installation service now!

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