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Get the Look

Get the Look: Laundry Room with Wallpaper Effect

The laundry room is primarily a functional space, but there’s no reason why you can’t give it some style! Find out how to recreate this ultra-trendy boho look on a budget.

In boho-style spaces, neutral colours like cream, beige, and terracotta often reign. However, washed-out (pun intended) and slightly smoky colours, like this beautiful Flemish Blue wallpaper effect accent wall, can bring character and life to a bohemian-inspired room.

Use the Colour Selector by Sico to find the perfect shade for your space. Sico’s Clean Surface interior paint with primer is great for rooms that tend to get moist or dirty, such as a laundry room.
Young woman in a boho-style laundry room

Discover the Boho Trend

The boho (or bohemian) trend is an ever-popular decorating style featuring soft colours, natural materials, handmade objects, and plants. The result: a soothing combination of colours, patterns, and textures that creates a cozy, comfortable cocoon.
Boho accessories for a laundry room

Tailor Your Space on a Budget

Make the room your own for next to nothing by adding a few decorative items. In line with the boho aesthetic, go for objects with a handmade look, natural fibres, and plants—always more plants!

Designer Tip

One small detail that makes a big difference: if you’re hanging clothes in this space, think about using matching hangers. This attention to detail will ensure a lovely visual uniformity.

White storage cabinets in a laundry room

Choose Pre-assembled and Ready-to-Install Cabinets

From clean towels and dirty clothes to laundry soap and household cleaners, many items can quickly turn your laundry room into a mess. Adding cabinets with handy drawers and shelves allows everything to be stashed out of sight.
With the Eklipse collection, designing storage that fits the space has never been easier. In addition to providing excellent value for the money, these pre-assembled and easy-to-install cabinets can be matched to suit your needs.
Bamboo countertop

Add a Bamboo Countertop

A perfect fit with the boho trend, a bamboo countertop is a resistant, durable, and eco-friendly choice. Not only will bamboo give the room an exotic flair but it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Pro Tip

When shopping, you’ll notice that cabinets and appliances may have different heights. To keep the countertop at the standard 36” height across the entire width, you can raise the sink cabinet by adding an oversized toe kick.

Let Us Install It for You!

Our qualified and professional installers are here to support you and help you make your dream laundry room a reality.

Optimize Storage Even Further

When it comes to optimizing laundry room storage, the options are almost limitless:
Bamboo wall shelf

Wall Shelves

You can add one or more wall shelves. As practical as they are stylish, they are ideal to store your everyday items (bottom shelves) and purely decorative ones (top shelves). This trend is here to stay!
Vertical laundry basket


Finally, adding a laundry basket as well as smaller, decorative baskets helps keep dirty clothes and small items, like rags and sponges, under control.
Metal rod with wooden hangers

Rod and Hangers

A rod will let you hang wet or freshly ironed clothes.
Laundry sink with stainless steel faucet

Don’t Forget the Ever-Useful Laundry Sink

The sink is another must-have item in any laundry room. For the faucets, there are options for every taste and budget. Take the opportunity to browse the new smart models equipped with handy features like voice control.

Pro Tip

Opt for a big laundry sink and a faucet with a spray wand: washing painting tools, dirty boots, or a small animal without splashing everywhere will be a breeze!

Smart washer and dryer combo

Transition to Smart Home Tech

Revamping your laundry room is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your appliances to smart models. With features like remote control, voice control, self-cleaning cycle, sensor wash or dry, and more, a smart washer and dryer will save you time and give you greater peace of mind.
Vinyl flooring in a laundry room

Make Over the Flooring

Don’t forget to give the floor some love! Changing the flooring can give a room a new look at little cost. For wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, we recommend ceramic, laminate, or vinyl.

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