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Published on November 10, 2023


Laundry Room Ideas for a Chic and Functional Space

The right laundry room ideas can help transform a traditionally mundane chore into a more efficient and enjoyable task. By incorporating some helpful interior design tips, makeover and decor ideas, as well as practical storage solutions, the room can become not only a functional space but also a stylish extension of your home.

Incorporate New Colour and Decor Ideas

A new colour and decor scheme might be the easiest way to refresh and reinvigorate the room. With a few simple DIY tricks, you can create a much more visually appealing space:

  • Paint: Brighten and lighten your space with a fresh coat of paint that complements the rest of your home for a more seamless look.
  • Flooring: Keep things even more cohesive by using the same floor covering inside and outside the room. For example, if your laundry room is next to the kitchen, you can lay a tile floor that extends into both.
  • Decor: There’s no reason you can’t dress up the space with a decorative touch. Incorporate elements like artwork and plants for a style boost.
  • Wall Decor: For a pop of personality, consider making an accent wall either by installing decorative wallpaper or creating a trendy herringbone wallpaper effect using paint.
Bathroom with a laundry room corner
Laundry room with a Herringbone accent wall
Well decorated laundry room

Make the Room Brighter

Nobody likes to work in the dark, especially when trying to sort and clean clothes. Consider multiple types of lighting, like task, spot, and ceiling lights, to help brighten up your space and work more efficiently.
Stainless steel washer and dryer combo

Invest in Innovative Appliances

Get the latest technology by choosing a new washer and dryer. Up your washing and drying game with turbo-wash and steam settings that will speed up your cycles, enhance the functionality of your laundry room, and save you time and energy costs.

  • Energy Efficiency: High-efficiency washers and dryers typically use less water and electricity, respectively, resulting in lower utility bills.
  • Smart Appliances: Smart appliances offer advanced functionalities such as remote control and monitoring capabilities via your phone. You can start, stop, and monitor cycles from anywhere, giving you the freedom to manage your laundry while on the go.

Hot Features Alert

Add a new dimension to your laundry chores with advanced cleaning and hygiene options. Steam settings help remove stains, odours, and wrinkles, while sanitize cycles use elevated temperatures to eliminate bacteria and allergens.

Bathroom with a laundry room corner

Create a Multi-Purpose Space

If you have the option to renovate, then you can create a multi-purpose space. This is a particularly good option for DIY enthusiasts working with a condo or a smaller home. Before you begin, make sure you consider important factors like:

  • The location of the laundry room in your home: Do you want it on the main floor near the central hub of activity or more out of the way, such as in the basement?
  • The needs of your family members: If your family creates a lot of laundry, it may be better for the room to be more accessible.

Working with a small space? You can get excellent functionality out of a laundry area that doubles as your mudroom or by placing your laundry room near the main entryway to your home. Coats and other accessories that need to be washed can be quickly diverted, putting an end to mess and clutter near the door.

Another common option is to combine a laundry room and a bathroom. This allows you to take advantage of existing bathroom plumbing and helps ensure that garments can transition from the hamper to the washer with minimal fuss.

Pro Tip

A deep laundry sink makes a great addition to a multi-purpose space. You can use it to hand-wash delicate clothing, to tidy up after craft time, or even to give a bath to small pets!

Faux quartz countertop in a laundry room

Upgrade Your Organization

Good organization is essential for maximizing space and efficiency, especially in a small or multifunctional space. Mix and match different solutions to get just the functionality you need:

  • Cabinetry: Keep things organized with the addition of cupboards in your laundry room. They are a great place to store detergent, fabric softener, irons, ironing boards, and more. RONA’s Eklipse and Cubïk cabinet systems are easy to install and customize to your needs.
  • Countertops: Proper workspaces make the job easier, so give yourself lots of counter space to get your laundry folded in a flash! If you have a front-loading washer and dryer set, you can even install a countertop right over them.
  • Storage: The right shelves, storage bins, laundry baskets, and other types of home organization and storage solutions will help keep everything in its, ensuring a clutter-free space.
  • Drying Racks: Wall-mounted hooks and drying racks are a fantastic way to save space, streamline the washing and drying process, and create a visually orderly and appealing area.
Stacked washer and dryer in a bathroom closet

Design a More Functional Layout

When planning a laundry room design, start by considering the size and shape of the room. For example, a stacked washer and dryer set is more suitable for compact spaces like closets, leaving room for a slim folding table or wall-mounted ironing board. Gallery layouts work splendidly for narrow, elongated spaces, while a large room might even have space for an island where you can fold and iron clothes.

Smart Saving Tips

Make sure you also consider the location of plumbing connections, as placing the washer and dryer close to existing water and waste outlets can help reduce installation costs and complexity.

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