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Published on March 31, 2023


Our Designer’s Tips: Spring-Summer 2023 Home Decor Trends

Our head designer reveals the latest home decor trends. Discover some of her favourite products, as well as the styles, colours, textures, and materials that will be popular in spring and summer 2023.

Portrait of the interior design expert
Lydia Thammavong
Head Designer, Styles and Trends
Thanks to her design expertise and eye for trends, Lydia develops distinctive seasonal collections and stylized interior design concepts, where functionality and comfort take precedence. She draws inspiration from her finds, then adapts them to develop unique and stylish seasonal collections.

Can you tell us about the spring-summer 2023 trends in home decor?

Spring is a time of renewal, when everyone is looking for a pick-me-up and change of scenery in their home, especially after a long winter that was preceded by a couple of challenging years. In spite of a gloomy economic forecast, there are many ways to create inexpensive, on-trend looks that breathe new life into living spaces and help deliver a home environment that makes us feel good and proud to welcome guests.

There are 3 strong trends that await us in home decor this year. Here they are, along with a few of my must-have items!
Cozy armchair with an arched doorwayCozy living room with a terracotta wallTrendy kitchen with lots of plants

Warm Decors

Biophilic design continues to do us good. We want to integrate elements of nature into interiors, such as plants, but also natural textures and organic shapes, as in the Japandi style, to create a relaxing and rejuvenating cocoon.

In 2023, decor is there to make us feel good and help us create spaces conducive to relaxation and well-being.

On the agenda:

  • Shapes: organic, curved, enveloping, and inviting, soft to the eye, but also with more and more simplified lines.
  • Materials: always natural (like wood, stone, paper, wicker, linen, and leather), to add warmth.
  • Patterns and prints: inspired by nature.
  • Textures: handmade and artisanal, perfectly imperfect.
Layout of decorative accessories
Linen fabrics
Small table with a terrazzo finish
Natural stone texture

A Rich, Enveloping Colour Palette

Rich, enveloping colours are perfectly on-trend. Earthy shades (like terracotta) and pink hues are perfect for creating a cozy cocoon. Finally, we see nice shades of purple and yellow enliven living spaces in 2023.
Living room with a big bookshelf and eclectic decorEclectic living room with a magenta wall

Interiors with Flair

More and more, we’ll see the barriers between styles melting away to create interiors that are a little more eclectic, with more personality.

In 2023, decor that’s too monochrome and lifeless is out. Colour will reappear in our living spaces: make room for creativity and self-expression!

The popularity of nostalgia-tinged styles like Cottagecore and Mid-Century continues, but these will evolve. We’ll reinvent these styles by letting them flirt with others, such as Art Deco and modern, to create unique decors.

Ever-Popular Shades of Blue and Green

Colour accents can be added to energize neutral canvases and white-on-white spaces.

Shades of green and blue continue to invigorate interiors, but there is also a craze for pastel shades and bright or vibrant hues, which call for spring. We'll add it to our decor with touches of decorative accessories like pillows and frames.

Decor that Nods to Nostalgia

The year 2023 will be marked by a return to more classic forms and styles. Vintage is in!

Classic style has made a comeback—it’s everywhere, from architectural details (like mouldings) to furniture and prints. Vintage-inspired styles to look out for:
  • Art Deco: The perfect combination of retro and modern, this style is making a triumphant return to interior design.
  • Gothic or Dark Academia: We will see more and more rooms decorated with a chic, slightly moody and dark atmosphere that’s a bit theatrical.
  • Industrial modern: This style is evolving, becoming cozier with the integration of more raw materials or ornamental details.
Lastly, we love restoring and showcasing old furniture and vintage items that have life, bring back fond memories, and have a story to tell.
Room with antique furniture and chevron flooring
Room decorated in the Art Deco style
Vintage suspended lighting fixtures

Vintage Colours that Spark Inspiration

We love the bright colours and graphic prints that characterize the Art Deco style!

What are your simple decorating ideas under $100 to give a room a high-end look?

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to decorating, it’s not all or nothing. Adding only one or two new stand-out decor elements that you love will do wonders in transforming a space from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Opt for shelves instead of cabinets wherever possible to keep budgets at bay. Painting shelves the same colour as the rest of the room will make them appear as if they’re floating. Alternatively, applying a pop colour to the wall behind the shelves creates an eye-catching focal point for the whole room.
  • Replace ordinary lighting in the kitchen, bathrooms, or home office with unique, decorative pendant lights. Striking, conversation-starter styles start as low as $80.
  • Choose a backsplash with character for a small area of a kitchen or bathroom. Ceramic tiles featuring a medallion pattern are all the current rage, infusing breathtaking European charm onto tired walls.
  • Update a bathroom by replacing old countertops with the latest stone looks—riced from $99—o add luxury and richness to this small space.
  • Swap your current kitchen faucet with one featuring today’s trending styles—rom glamorous, art deco gold to black taps—or a simple yet impactful upgrade with major oomph.
  • Make a stylish statement by installing a coloured sink—such as this season’s hottest pale green metallic—in your kitchen or bathroom to liven up and add wow factor to the space.
  • Add elegant, nature-inspired touches to your home office to promote focus and well-being. Consider rich sage green paint—such as SICO’s Tokyo Green (6168-83)—for walls, wood accents, and plants to clean the air.

Lydia’s Must Haves