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Favourite ECO trends for the home

Favourite ECO trends for the home

With everybody wanting to live a greener life, ECO products are now trendier than ever. Not only do they look great, they combine sustainability with affordability.


Energy Star certified refrigerators are available in all styles and a multitude of finishes and save up to 10% in energy.


Energy Star certified dishwashers save up to 12% in energy and 30% in water. They are available in various finishes from white to black stainless.


Composting at home is easier than ever. Smart solutions are available for efficient waste sorting in the kitchen.

Shower faucets

Highlight shower and faucet plumbing by looking for brushed nickel and matte black finishes. A WaterSense certified shower faucet saves 20% in water (and energy from water heating).

Sink faucets

Low-flow bathroom products are available for all tastes and budgets all the while meeting high performance standards. A WaterSense certified bathroom faucet saves 30% in water (and energy for water heating).

Decorative wall panels

Decorative wall panels add a wow factor to a room. Our ECO HDF wall panels emit fewer VOCs for better air quality and are made from responsibly sourced wood fibres.


Laminate flooring from our ECO selection emits fewer VOCs and is made from recycled wood fibres. Plus they come in a large range of colours to help create any look.

Still looking for real hardwood? Look for ECO flooring; they come from a responsibly managed forest.

Indoor lighting

There are many lighting possibilities for a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Choosing an If your favourite fixture doesn’t include one, opt for an Energy Star light bulb!


Discover more than 5 000 ECO products for the home! You could enjoy their many benefits for your family and the environment, such as a reduction of your energy consumption and better air quality.

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