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Kitchen trends

Favourite trends for kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we spend the better part of our time with friends and family.

A well-planned kitchen must combine functionality and intelligent storage. Nowadays, monochrome looks are giving way to rich blends of textures and colours, and the addition of metallic accents.


Kitchen cabinets

White cabinets remain trendy, only now we are adding more and more colour to the decor. Opt for intelligent storage solutions to cut down on unused space and add open shelving to display attractive dishware.

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Light fixtures

For maximum lighting and a warm ambience, plan a lighting scheme that includes recessed lighting and hanging lights. Note that hanging lights which are geometrically shaped, round or eclectic with a touch of brass are especially on trend this year.

Faucets and sinks

Selecting the right faucet and sink is key to optimizing your workspace. Choose a big double-bowl sink and a faucet, and make sure to include options such as a spray head, colander, soap dispenser—and why not add a hot-water dispenser!


Appliances with a dark, matte finish are gaining popularity as it naturally hides fingerprints, stains, and dirt.

Accessories and
decorative items

Brass cabinet handles are popular and blend in marvellously well with lighting fixtures of the same material. In a rustic-style kitchen, cup handle pulls pair well with the surrounding decor.
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Both practical and attractive, fresh herb gardens are quickly becoming a regular staple in kitchens.