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2018 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Favourite trends for bathroom renovations

If you’re planning to give a fresh look to your bathroom this year, know that even a small change, when well executed, can transform the appearance of a room. Get inspired by our favourite trends and start renovating!


We just love the Carlington collection. Featuring a modern look, the different pieces let you match colours and finishes to create beautiful and unique combinations.
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Although chrome has a timeless style, customers now dare to try other looks such as brushed nickel, black or golden.


Showers with glass doors give the impression of a larger, and brighter, bathroom.


A white free-standing or recessed bathtub will stand the test of time no matter the style of the space.

Light fixtures

Nowadays, choices for bathroom lighting go beyond just the old lightbulb bar over the mirror. A wide variety of styles is now available for a beautiful décor that stands out.


From the linen cabinet to the shelves, clever storage ideas are the key to an uncluttered and Zen space.


Replacing a mirror can give a fresh look to your bathroom instantaneously.


The Columbia collection has a timeless style that will bring the final touch to your bathroom project. Choose between a chrome or brushed nickel finish according to your personal taste and the desired effect in the room.
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