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Modern Farmhouse kitchen with a large window

Renovation on a Budget: Farmhouse Kitchen

Dreaming of a modern farmhouse kitchen? No matter your budget, it’s within your reach by replacing a few elements and choosing the right colour and material pairing.

A Dream Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse look is a transition style pairing classic and modern elements. It creates a soft and nostalgic space by adding bright and neutral tones, bleached or ash wood, and objects with a rustic charm.

Farmhouse Trend Colours bathroom colors

If you have a smaller budget or want to renovate little by little, refreshing your paint is always a good starting point. Neutral tones like greys or beiges are perfect for farmhouse-style spaces. They create a comforting atmosphere for the entire family, providing a soft and versatile canvas that you can highlight with white or black accents.

Use the Colour Selector by SICO to find the perfect shade for your kitchen.

Small Budget: Refreshing Your Kitchen for Less than $1,500

Refresh: paint, lighting, cabinet pulls, faucets, and accessories

Redesign your lighting by changing your hanging lights and adding mood lighting under your cabinets. For the pulls and the faucet, going for a matte black finish will give the room an industrial look. As for accessories, natural materials should be front and centre. We love using bleached wood details and including plants into the decor to naturally purify ambient air and add a touch of life.

Matte black kitchen faucet
Matte black cabinet pull
Google Nest smart hub
Round white recessed light

Pro Tip

To avoid clutter and spills, we recommend placing accessories and small appliances so that they’re all within reach. For example, place the coffee maker near the sink and all other accessories along the backsplash to free up workspaces.

Mid-Level Budget: A New Look for Under $4,000

Refresh: all small budget components, sink, range hood, and backsplash

Go for a sink that matches your pulls and faucet. Not only does matte black add a modern and luxurious look to the room, but it also helps hide dirt. As for the backsplash, the trend is leaning toward ceramic all the way up to the ceiling. A chimney hood reveals elegant marble veining mirroring the grey shades from stainless steel appliances.

Black double kitchen sink
Stainless steel chimney hood

Designer Tip

Adding different coloured finishes to the cabinets can visually soften the space and give more depth to the room. As for paler shades at the top, they provide lightness.

Full Makeover: A Brand-New Kitchen for Around $20,000

Refresh: every small and mid-level budget components, flooring, appliances, countertops, and cabinets

With the pre-assembled and ready-to-install cabinets in the Eklipse collection, building your dream kitchen has never been easier. All that’s left to do is selecting the countertop as well as durable and resilient flooring. Lastly, a new collection of sleek stainless steel appliances with black accents completes the look while adding functionality and a touch of sophistication.

Kitchen cabinets with a rustic look
Kitchen ceramic tile
Kitchen with a white countertop

Discover Smart Products

Smart technology can be added to any room in your home. The kitchen—a productivity room prone to messes—is no exception! Luckily, smart products, ranging from touchless faucets to touch screen ovens and fridges with transparent doors, are there to make cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping easier.


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