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Interior Design Trends: 6 Must-Have Home Accents

Check out our top interior design tips and best decorating ideas to enhance your decor with home accessories and accents for every taste and budget. You’ll see: the difference is in the details!

Portrait of the interior design expert
Lydia Thammavong
Head Designer, Styles and Trends
Thanks to her design expertise and eye for trends, Lydia develops distinctive seasonal collections and stylized interior design concepts, where functionality and comfort take precedence. She draws inspiration from her finds, then adapts them to develop unique and stylish seasonal collections.

A Few Basic Notions

Home decor would not be complete without accessories. But to accessorize properly, it’s important to marry colours and styles while creating a careful balance between the accessories and furniture. Decorative home accents are also a great way to go bold. There’s nothing like having decor that matches our desires —at a low cost—all year long, thanks to some well thought-out accessories!
Large pendant light in a dining room

Choose Attractive and Functional Lighting

Light fixtures are, above all, functional. But their decorative powers should not be overlooked, as they can complement the style of a room or become a focal point, like a sculpture or painting.

Choose your light fixtures based on the style of the room. When it comes to the finish, rely on the space’s accessories and furniture. Also consider the size of the room: the larger it is, the more daring you can be with a large light fixture to illuminate the room while creating a "wow" effect. But if you want to create a strong visual impact in a small room, you can opt for a striking fixture—it all depends on the effect you wish to create. It’s important to balance out the room’s various elements and focus on creating a minimalistic space around this stunning feature.
Orange decorative armchair

Add Comfort with Accent Furniture

Accent furniture—such as armchairs, coffee tables, ottomans, and decorative shelves—add a touch of style while enhancing the comfort and practicality of any room.

In the kitchen, think of adding a sideboard on wheels that you can cart around as you please, depending on where you need it. For added workspace, why not add a small island that can be moved as you go?
Grey cabinets with pillows and a fluffy throw

Play Around with Textiles for Texture and Warmth

Textiles can enhance the style of a room at little cost. For example, a natural fibre pillow accentuates the handmade feel of a boho room, while silk curtains help replicate a luxury hotel effect.

Change up your accessories when you want to transform the style of a living space or adapt your decor to the seasons. For example, light, sheer materials like linen and cotton are perfect for summer, while more voluptuous textiles such as velvet, knits, and faux fur create a cozy cocoon for the colder seasons.

Either way, there’s nothing better than fleecy throws and coordinated cushions to turn a space into a warm and inviting oasis.

Designer Tip

For areas that get dirty easily, such as the kitchen, dining room, and entryway, stool or chair cushions made of leather are the perfect choice. In addition to being easy to clean, leathers and faux leathers add a touch of warmth and luxury to any space.

Decorative shelf with several house plants

Enhance Your Decor and Boost Well-Being with Biophilia

Decorating with plants is always a good idea. In fact, in addition to being highly decorative, they purify the air and promote relaxation. The love of living things and the need for contact with nature, especially when living in the city, make biophilia ("the benefits of contact with nature") a long-term trend.

Want to add a little greenery to a room that doesn’t get much natural light? Not to worry! Simply add a few artificial plants! They require no maintenance and look like the real thing.
Large mirror in a modern dining room

Enlarge Your Space Using Mirrors

We can’t say it enough: mirrors help make a space seem bigger while adding depth. A must for virtually every room, they have been reinvented in recent years. Some models even feature storage, shelves, or hooks. There’s a mirror for every taste and price point:
  • Round, square, oval, arched. 
  • Hanging, on a stand, full-wall.
  • Minimalist, bevelled, ornamental, stained glass-style.
  • Modern, vintage, industrial, Art Deco.
  • Rimmed with wood, wicker, brass, braided rope.

Designer Tip

A well-positioned mirror can create a pleasing trompe-l’oeil effect. When placed near a window or patio door, it can reflect daylight into an otherwise dark room or create the impression of a second window overlooking the garden. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid reflecting less attractive angles of the house, such as the toilet or a cluttered or messy area.

Fluffy rug under a coffee table

Dress up Floors with the Latest Carpets

Rugs and carpets are great for adding warmth and texture to any space, but also for unifying furniture or defining a cozy space. But before making your choice, it is important to consider location and use. For example, looped, woolly, or highly textured carpets—which get dirty quickly and can be snaggy—are less suitable for spaces frequented by pets or young children.

Designer Tip

In the past, huge tapestries were hung on the walls of manors and castles to block draughts and improve soundproofing in large rooms. These days, in bold spaces, we sometimes see unique hand-woven rugs hanging on the wall like a work of art. In addition to improving soundproofing and insulation, this accent gives the room a warm and artistic feel.

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