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Get the Look: Abstract Landscape Living Room with Office Space

Whether you’re going back to school or working from home, find out how to create a pleasant, nature-inspired living room with reading area on a budget. It’s an easy recipe: a few brush strokes, thoughtful lighting, and carefully chosen decorative objects!

Greens are in! They create a soothing, lush backdrop that makes other colours and decorative accents pop out in the room. Plus, green is said to promote learning and focus, which is perfect for an office space, right?

Use the Colour Selector by Sico to find the perfect shade for your multi-purpose space. Use a premium paint with primer like Sico Prestige to cover the wall with only one coat!
Office space in a multipurpose roomReading nook in a multipurpose room

Let Nature In

There are countless ways to bring nature into your home decor to create a haven of peace. You can paint a beautiful mountain mural with an ombré effect, add plants, go for natural materials (like wood, fibre, and stone finishes), and accent the look with handmade decorative objects. Choosing a dark brown floor covering with a very realistic, matte grain that looks like natural oak also helps to reinforce the room’s natural feel.
White and gold pot coverBeige decorative rugWhite and gold frameCream white decorative pillow

Elevate Comfort and Style All at Once

To make the room even cozier, add accessories and decorative objects that are both comfortable and beautiful, like a plush rug, an electric fireplace, and cushions.
Gold vintage-looking desk lampBoho-style pendant lighting fixture

Light the Room with Flair

Light plays a vital role in an office as it does in a living room. It’s important to plan your lighting out.

Here are our best tips:

If possible, try to have a source of natural light. To avoid getting blinded by the sun and have a glare-free screen, position your workstation so that natural light comes in on your left or right.
For general lighting, go for a ceiling fixture to provide soft and uniform light to create an atmosphere favouring thinking. As for bulbs, choose warm white or soft white.
Task lighting is a must! We recommend choosing a dimmable desk lamp.

Living Room/Reading Nook
To improve comfort and make reading easier, don’t forget to add a table lamp or a floor lamp to your decor.

Designer Tip

Put your work light opposite your dominant side to minimize shadows when you write by hand! For example, right-handed people will ideally place their work lamp on their left, and vice versa.

Minimalist white corner office

Choose the Perfect Office Desk

Who says L-shape desks have to be in a corner? Nothing is stopping you from putting it elsewhere to define separate spaces in a multipurpose room. L-shape furniture also has the bonus of being compact. So, you get an ample work surface without using much space in the room.

Designer Tip

An L-shape desk is perfect for people who receive clients at home. All you have to add is one accent chair on the other side of your workspace!

Decorative white and gold shelving unit

Add More Storage without Compromising on Style

If you chose a desk with few or no drawers and cabinets, consider maximizing storage in the room by installing a shelving unit or wall shelves. Next, add practical and decorative accessories, like baskets, pencil boxes, and paper holders.

Designer Tip

Need even more storage? These pre-assembled and ready-to-install cabinets from the Eklipse collection are an excellent budget-friendly way to add more storage.

Make the Most of Smart Home Tech

Whether it’s for the office or the living room, many smart products make things more comfortable:

Leave the Installation to Our Professionals!

Need help installing flooring or adding the finishing touches? Our qualified professionals are there to support you throughout your project.

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