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Karyne Beauregard
APDIQ® Certified Interior Designer

How to decorate your urban balcony like a pro with a few accessories

Even if you have only a small balcony in the city, you can still create a little summer oasis! At RONA, I discovered several really great products to enhance your urban space.

A new floor in no time at all

If your floor covering is faded and worn, redo it with beautiful wood tiles. They will add warmth and a highly decorative touch. Point of interest: these tiles are very easy to install and require little maintenance. Another way to quickly and inexpensively refresh your balcony’s flooring is to use an outdoor rug. Such rugs are made from UV- and mildew-resistant materials. With a wide variety of colours and patterns available, you will have no trouble finding something to suit your taste.


Wood deck tiles are easy to install and require little maintenance.

Plants and herbs create an oasis of freshness

To break the cold, concrete feeling of a balcony, adding greenery is a must. Planters make perfect containers for flowers or herbs, which add to the enjoyment of outdoor dining. With very little effort, rail planters can be easily attached to the top of the railing. They are perfect for small areas because they take up very little space! You can also consider traditional hanging planters or other types of planters that are available in all formats and colours. Make your selection of flowers and herbs, and you’ll be all set!


A touch of colour

A dash of colour is always welcome when it comes to enlivening a space. Be daring by adding patterned cushions, bright lanterns and an exciting umbrella. Be sure to pick fabrics and materials that are designed specifically for outdoor use, thus prolonging the useful life of your accessories. If your balcony is too sunny, treat yourself to a cantilever umbrella that will cover all or part of the balcony to protect yourself from both strong sun and inclement weather.

Karyne Beauregard
APDIQ® Certified Interior Designer
Karyne is a well-known interior designer. She can be seen on TV, particularly on the CASA channel, her articles appear in various magazines, and you can resort to her expertise. @karineBDesigner

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