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Émilie Desjarlais
Content creator

How to transform a balcony at little cost

In the city, it’s common to have a balcony that, over time, is in need of a little love. Even with a small budget, it’s possible to bring outdoor spaces back to life and transform them into safe havens. With a little imagination, time, and a few items from RONA, you too can create your dream balcony.

Refresh with stain

A few brush strokes are enough to completely transform the look of a balcony. I discovered Sico’s opaque stain (available at RONA) which made things super easy all the while offering a superior quality. With opaque stain, you can choose any color from the repertoire and apply it just like paint.

If you’re like me, creating a mood board before the transformation will help guide and focus the overall look and feel of the project. That’s how I determined the stain colours used. I wanted a romantic look, that reminds me of Paris, with a Scandinavian touch. My final colour choices were Pinewood 6192-31 for the floor and Natural White 6000-11 for the rails.


It’s best to wait 3 to 7 days before installing furniture on the stained surface.

Build your own outdoor sofa

With a small child, I found that having a sofa on the ground rather than raised would be both more practical and safer. Bonus: it’s quite inexpensive. Ideally, write down the dimensions of your balcony before going on the hunt for a pallet (many stores give old ones away) to make sure the size is right and avoid having to modify the structure. The one used for my project was 31" X 47". For the seat, cute anti-UV, anti-water cushions work perfectly. They resist weathering and discolouration.

If your railing can’t be used as a backrest, a second pallet will do the trick. To avoid injuries, inspect the pallet properly and make sure no nails stick out. Clean it properly and sand it (with 80-grain paper) to smooth the surface. To protect the wood without additional cost, use the same stain as the balcony.


Finalize the decor

My favourite part! The after-paint treat! It’s time to make some magic happen.

Lighting played a huge role in getting the charming and romantic look I wanted. String lights are perfect for high level lighting. Up to 3 strings can be interconnected, for a total of 75 linear feet. For the floor, I chose flameless candles because of the safety they provide when young children (or clumsy adults) are on the balcony.

Because my balcony is semi-covered, I was able to add a cute indoor burlap carpet for some texture and the Scandinavian touch I was looking for. It goes perfectly with the other materials and the floor colour. For uncovered spaces, RONA offers a wide selection of outdoor rugs.

It goes without saying that plants and flowers are staples for a successful transformation. Some herbs and plants (like basil, lavender, mint, etc.) even keep mosquitoes away due to their smell.

Add few cushions to the sofa for extra comfort and embellishment. The only thing left is to bring out your favourite blanket for cooler nights.

Émilie Desjarlais
Content creator
Émilie is a content creator and a stylist. Very active on social media, you can follow her work and daily life with her daughter on her Instagram page @brookandpeony  and find her inspirations on Pinterest.

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