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Updated on December 13, 2022

Pro Tips

10 Tips for Organizing your Home

Discover proven tips for organizing your living space and making it more pleasant for the whole household.

Organize and Declutter Like a Pro

Cleaning out and organizing helps free up valuable space and keep everything neat and tidy. And you know what? It’s good for you, too. While clutter is often associated with negative emotions such as stress and irritability, a home in tip-top shape is said to promote well-being.
Well-organized closet

Organize Your Closets

A well-designed closet should have more than just a rod and a shelf. Just think of closet organization systems that reach right up to the ceiling, with space for coats, shoes, and even suitcases. You’ll find solutions at any price point in store.

  • Add hooks to the interior sides to hang your belts and shoe racks for your footwear. 
  • Use shallow storage boxes on the floor to hold the rest of your shoe collection.
  • Add shelves near the top of the closet to store items you no longer use but want to keep, such as mementos and seasonal items
Discover all our tips for making the most out of your closets and wardrobes.
Little girl playing with toys

Maximize Space in the Kids’ Bedroom

Most kids’ beds have up to 12" of clearance underneath them.

  • Take advantage of this space with storage boxes on casters, with handles for easy access. 
  • Put up colourful coat pegs or a wall-mounted coat rack to hold bags of toys or clothes. 
  • Use canvas or bamboo baskets to hold larger toys.
Install wall shelves, out of the way of kids’ activities, to hold books and other items.
Corner cabinet with a carousel

Use Every Corner of your Kitchen Cabinets

Most kitchens include a corner cabinet, which usually takes up a lot of space and is difficult to access.

  • Lazy Susan carousels will turn even the darkest corner into an accessible storage haven. 
  • Install drawers, baskets, or shelves in base cabinets, or a rack or shelf under wall-mounted cabinets for utensils or spices.
  • Mini shelves can be installed under the range hood, or a pot rack can be hung from the ceiling over the range
Discover our expert tips for a well-organized kitchen.
Wall shelves in a bathroomBamboo shower caddyDecorative ladder in a bathroom

Optimize Space in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually smaller than we would like. Rest assured, there are solutions for imperfect bathrooms.

  • Install hooks or shallow shelves on the back of the bathroom door and inside cabinet doors. 
  • Install a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door recessed between the wall studs. 
  • Add shelves above the toilet, and arrange attractive storage baskets on top.
Dont forget the shower – Hang a shower organizer over the shower head, and put your beauty products and sponges in it.
Home office with lots of storage

Arrange a Functional Office Space

The room dedicated to the office isn’t necessarily the largest, and it’s often hard to find space for a desk, a computer, and all the office equipment. Here are a few tips:
  • An unused armoire or cabinet can be turned into a computer stand by fitting it with drawer slides. 
  • Measure a piece of plywood or melamine board, cut a square to fit the armoire and attach the drawer slides. Both the monitor and keyboard can slide out or be put away as needed. 
  • Put paper and other office supplies in the bottom drawers. 
  • Paint an old filing cabinet in a similar colour and place it alongside the armoire.
You can also build a desk in a small unused closet.
Young woman with her dog in a garage

Organize your Garage on a Budget

There’s so much more to organizing a garage than installing some pegboard panels and wall hooks. Here are a few ideas:
  • Build your own workbench by assembling two sawhorses with a smooth door or piece of plywood on top. 
  • Underneath, put plastic storage containers to hold power tools or sports equipment. 
  • Install several shelves and organize your equipment by theme: gardening, DIY, Christmas or Halloween decorations.
  • Attach large hooks to the wall or ceiling to hang bicycles, kayaks, and other large gear.
For more helpful ideas take a look at our guide: Creating a Functional Workshop Space in your Garage.
Food stored in glass jars

Store Small Objects in Glass Jars

Glass jars are so versatile. They’re perfect for storing small items that you use on a regular basis.
  • Choose similar-sized jars.
  • Put them in a drawer or on a shelf, or screw the jar lids to the underside of a kitchen cabinet, or a shelf in the garage or bathroom.
  • The possibilities are endless:
    • Nuts and bolts
    • Makeup removal pads
    • Makeup sponges and cotton swabs
    • Safety pins and tape
    • Spices, etc
Closet with wicker boxes

Use or Make Decorative Storage Boxes

Decorative boxes that you buy or make yourself are an inexpensive way to add attractive storage.
Pick the size you need for your boxes, as long as they are not too large. If you’re decorating them yourself, use cut-outs of pretty designs, wrapping paper, or even fabric; and attach them to the box with spray-on glue, a glue stick, or paste. Try this with seasonal themes like fall, Halloween and Christmas.
Clean attic

Use Space in the Attic

Start by exploring your attic space. Make sure there is enough insulation to store your belongings without worrying about the heat, cold, or humidity.
  • If there is good insulation, install wooden strapping across the trusses to provide the base structure for a plywood platform. 
  • Take measurements and build the platform. 
  • Sort out all the items that can withstand the cold, heat, and humidity. 
  • Pack small items in airtight plastic containers and place on the platform
Check the attic every 2 months to monitor for pests.
Transparent food containersWell organized food pantry

Food Storage Made Easier

It’s not only convenient to be able to store large amounts of food, it also saves on food costs.
  • Keep items purchased in bulk, in cool, dry, pest-free conditions
  • Pick stackable glass or plastic storage containers, which are convenient, dry, and come in different colours so that you can group different types of food together. 
  • The possibilities for optimizing food storage are endless. Have fun picking out the most useful accessories
See all available kitchen storage accessories.

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