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Perfect shades of white

It’s almost impossible to understand the challenge of choosing the right shade of white for the walls. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself staring at a bunch of little white swatches. What a headache!

Over the years, through my various renovation projects, moving around, and some trial and error, I finally found what I believe to be the most gorgeous shades of white for any need. I’m going to break it all down for you through this dream collaboration with Sico, RONA, and myself, to help you find the perfect shades.

Trois Fois par Jour and Rosane
Warm white
Cool white

Warm whites or cool whites?

Before anything else, it’s important to know whether you prefer warm whites or cool whites.

Warm whites are often an orange-red shade. Some people appreciate their warm and friendly tone while others dislike the yellowness of the colour.

On the other hand, cool whites are bluer in colour. These shades are appreciated for their classic and clean look. However, some tones can be extreme, and even look a bit like Liquid Paper.

Using touch-ups, I was able to create a montage to give you a more concrete idea of the difference between warm and cool whites.

So, do you prefer warm or cool tones?

Maybe you’re looking for something right in the middle?

In any case, you’ve already taken a giant leap in the right direction: you know what you prefer and/or what you’re looking for.

Pro Tip

Personally, I like warm whites for every room in the house, except the bathroom where I prefer cool tones. It’s really a question of taste!

The impact of lighting in a room

Next, it’s important to examine how much natural light enters the room you want to paint.

The same white will not have the same look in every room. You have to go at it space by space.

The question to ask yourself is the following: is the light direct (sunlight) or indirect (in the shade)?

Direct sunlight will warm up a room, whereas shaded areas will naturally let in light that is cooler in tone.

Pro Tip

By identifying the ambiance you’re looking for and knowing the kind of light that enters the room, you have everything you need to choose the right shade of white. The light will either compensate for or accentuate your choice.

The magic of tone on tone

Not all rooms in my home are painted the same colour white. I like to add consistency throughout by painting all the mouldings, doors, and ceilings the same colour.

Essentially, only the walls are different shades.

I find that doing so gives dimension to the different rooms. You walk through the house and nothing is monotone. Without being identical, everything works.


My colours unveiled

Natural White

Natural white is the prettiest cool and classic shade.

Personally, this is the colour I chose for my mouldings, doors, ceilings, as well as the exterior siding of my home. It’s truly timeless.

Nairobi Clouds

I think this is the most neutral white. Not too warm, nor too cool, it sits perfectly in the middle. I absolutely love this colour, so much so that our new Trois Fois par Jour office walls are this shade!

Almond Butter

The ultimate warm white, for the spaces we want to cozy up a bit. It’s the colour in my living room and entrance. This is possibly the shade that gets me the most "What’s that wall colour?" question. Paired with Natural White on the mouldings, it’s perfect!

White Birch Bark

The cream of the crop of warm whites. I love using this colour on furniture, like the bookshelf in my living room.

Trois Fois par Jour and Rosane
Marilou is the creator of Trois Fois par Jour and Rosane. Discover new recipes on their Instagram page @troisfoisparjour or on their website. @mariloubiz

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