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Smart Home: Real Smart Stories from Real People

There are many ways home devices can simplify your life, improve home security, and make your living spaces more comfortable. Discover how with these four real smart stories from real people. Your house can be a productive member of the family too.

Equip Your Home with Smart Technology

Home automation can ensure that your home is always convenient, safe, and energy efficient. Our smart solutions are designed to meet all your daily needs.

Stephen and Jeff’s Story

Twins Stephen and Jeff have the same goal: to be the best dads and partners possible. Learn how their voice assistants became indispensable for all their kitchen tasks.

Smart Hub: Your New Kitchen Assistant

The Google Hub Nest helps improve your moments spent at home and keep your life in order. Cook and do other chores hands-free thanks to convenient voice-control capabilities.

Google Nest Hub device
Google Nest Hub in Chalk on a kitchen counter
Google Nest Hub helped us find new recipes

Carrie-Ann’s Story

As a single mother to a 5-year-old and two dogs, Carrie-Ann relies on smart lighting to make life that much easier. She also saves time with voice control and other innovative features.

Brilliant Lighting Solutions

Among other things, smart light bulbs allow you to:

  • choose among millions of colours
  • change your lighting warmth (from warm to cool)
  • pre-program lighting according to your routine
  • remotely control your lighting
  • use voice control for hands-free freedom

Plus, you’ll enjoy impressive energy savings!

GE Full Color smart bulb
Amazon Echo Dot
GE Turnable White smart bulb
My smart lights make my life easier
Woman sitting with her son sitting on her lap

Pro Tip

Are you looking for more information on the types of bulbs and state-of-the-art smart lighting solutions we have to offer? Refer to our light bulb buying guide.

Mathieu’s Story

Mathieu, his partner, and another couple purchased a lake house. They are away most of the time, so he relies on smart technology to remotely control their devices.

They give me a sense of control and peace of mind
Smart phone showing a video of a man waving

Smart Home Solutions for Improved Safety

Safety is the top priority in both your primary and secondary residence. Ensure a safe and secure home with motion-detection doorbells, smart thermostats, and water leak sensors.

Ring wireless video doorbell

Esther’s Story

To stay in touch with her mother-in-law, who is in her eighties, Esther relies on the Amazon Echo Show. It’s also her go-to device for music, news, weather updates, and more.

An absolutely amazing feature
Woman sitting on a couch and talking

Multifunction Devices for Every Task

The Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot offer a wide variety of voice controls wrapped into a space-saving multifunction device that suits any room perfectly. Your one-stop device for video calls, alarms, timers, news, weather, road conditions, and more.

Amazon Echo Show on a bedroom side table

A Greater Selection at Your Fingertips

Discover other smart products that can make your home more comfortable, your daily life more peaceful, and your surroundings safer.

smart home logo

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