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Improving air quality in your home

Over the last year or so, we have been making changes in our home to avoid toxins and chemicals that could be dangerous to our health. The whole process has been quite the journey. I am continually learning new things and making more and more changes in our home. Our drinking water was the last issue I tackled, and now I am looking at our air quality in our home.

Angela Price
Lifestyle blogger

Controlling humidity

Removing or reducing the source of contamination is the most effective way to improve indoor air quality. This itself seems like a never-ending process, but we are chipping away at it. We have tossed all of the toxic cleaning products, baby and kid products, and are now working on personal hygiene and beauty products.

Another big one is controlling humidity levels in our home. This can be harder than it seems: you don't want too much humidity to avoid the growth of mold, but too little humidity can leave you with dry, irritated skin, dries the throat and airways, and, in our family's’ case, causes bloody noses.

For our home, we ended up having to get both a dehumidifier and a humidifier. The crawl space/storage room under our garage gets very humid, so we got this Ecohouzng dehumidifier, which continually runs down there.

But upstairs, where our bedrooms are, gets very dry during the winter. We are dealing with dry skin, eczema, snoring, bloody noses, and frequent coughing. So, we have two Dyson humidifiers in our rooms upstairs. We love the Dyson one because you have the option to put it on auto so it will monitor the humidity in the room and adjust its output accordingly.


Incorporating other tricks

Some other things we are incorporating to improve air quality:

  • Cooking on the back burner and using the exhaust fan to help reduce particles and gases.
  • Clean and vacuum often, making sure to stay up on cleaning filters in the HVAC system.
  • Opening windows and doors to let in the fresh air, even when it's freezing out!
  • Bringing more live plants in the home (and keeping them alive, haha!).
  • Always, always remove shoes at the door (I am so bad at this!).
Angela Price
Lifestyle blogger
Angela’s husband plays hockey for the Montreal Canadiens, so during the winter months they reside in Montreal, Quebec. Their summers are spent in Kelowna, British Columbia. She shares all the details of living a chaotic hockey life with style and substance in her lifestyle blog. @byangelaprice

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