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7 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas encourages us to be grateful for all of the good times and beautiful moments we have shared with our friends and family over the past year. It is also a perfect opportunity to show some gratitude to the Earth for the precious resources made available to us, both during the year and over the holiday season in the form of gifts, decorations, and food. The best way to do that is by taking an environmentally friendly approach to your holiday celebrations.

If you're dreaming of a green Christmas, then here are seven ECO tips that can help you celebrate the season with your loved ones in a more sustainable way.

Opt for an artificial or natural Christmas tree

Whether an artificial Christmas tree or a natural Christmas tree is better for the environment depends largely on how long you use it.

Based on a recent study, an artificial tree is the more environmentally friendly option if you use it for longer than 20 years. However, most people only keep their artificial tree for an average of six years. In this case, purchasing a new natural tree every season will actually result in the lower carbon footprint.

Opting for a natural tree has the added benefit of stimulating the local economy, as artificial trees are usually manufactured outside of Canada while natural trees are grown on local tree farms. Don't forget, as well, that a natural tree can be recycled once the holidays are over. Contact your municipality to find out about tree collection dates and locations.


Look for ENERGY STAR certified decorative light strings

Another effective strategy for lowering your impact on the environment over the holidays is with the type of decorative light strings you use. ENERGY STAR certified light strings use an average of 75% less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs. You can save even more energy (as much as 90% when compared to incandescent bulbs) by choosing single-colour light strings rather than multicolour ones.

Light strings are available for both interior and exterior applications and come in a wide range of colours for all of your holiday decorating needs.


Use ECO products for energy savings

Christmas decorations consume excess energy when they are left on for long periods of time, such as overnight. In addition to choosing ENERGY STAR certified products, you can save even more energy with ECO cords and timers.

Using a programmable timer designed for outdoor applications is an easy way to control the energy consumption of your light strings and airblown decorations. Your decorations will only stay on while your family and neighbourhood can enjoy them. A power bar with an integrated timer is also a great choice for indoor decorations like your Christmas tree or Christmas village, ensuring that everything turns off after you have gone to bed.


Give an eco-friendly gift

For gifts that you can feel good about giving, consider products that are made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials. Sustainable manufacturing methods help preserve our natural resources and have a lower environmental footprint.

Energy-saving products are another great gift option that the recipient is sure to appreciate. Not only will they get to enjoy lower energy bills, but energy-saving products help to reduce the environmental impact of electricity production and distribution.

Not sure where to start with your eco-friendly holiday shopping? Get inspired with our selection of ECO products.


Take the time to choose the perfect gift

Frivolous gift-giving can make Christmas seem like a time of excessive consumption and waste rather than a time to be thankful for our loved ones and for what we already have. Make sure that you give gifts that your friends and family members will enjoy and use by simply asking them what they would like. This will help reduce the number of gifts that end up unused and stored away in a closet.

If Christmas is drawing closer and you're still not sure what to get for certain people on your list, a gift card is always a great choice. Gift cards give your loved ones the option of finding the perfect gift for themselves at the time they need it. Plus, they come with minimal packaging.


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Opt for kraft paper for wrapping your gifts

Wrapping paper is a staple of Christmas gift-giving, but it contributes a great deal to holiday waste. A much better option for the environment than conventional wrapping paper is kraft paper from among our ECO products. Made from 100% recycled content, kraft paper reduces the need to harvest new trees. Its simple design adds a vintage touch to any gift, and it can be easily decorated with ribbon and bows for a more chic and personalized look.

Wrap any gift in kraft paper and spruce it up with adornments like pinecones, evergreen sprigs, cinnamon sticks, dehydrated citrus slices, or small Christmas tree decorations. You can even repurpose old ribbons and bows to dress up the gift, so make sure to save any that you collect this year as well. Finish the gift off with a custom tag or even a personalized message or drawing right on the paper itself.

Decorating a gift wrapped in kraft paper is a fun project to get the kids involved in. Ask them to contribute and let their imagination run wild as they think of creative ways to make the gift wrapping extra-special.


Recycle and compost

Christmas parties, holiday dinners, and gift exchanges can generate a lot of waste at once. Thankfully, most of the waste will usually be either recyclable or compostable.

Waste that should go in your blue recycling bin includes wrapping paper, any cardboard and plastic packaging, plastic cutlery, and lightly used paper plates. Waste that you can put into your larger green or smaller brown compost bin includes kitchen and table scraps, compostable cutlery, and food-soiled paper plates.

If you have the right recycling and compost bins and you take the time to properly sort waste over the holidays, then you can keep it from ending up in the landfill. Small, eco-friendly habits such as this, when added all together, will help to greatly reduce the environmental impact of your Christmas celebrations.