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Best Plants and Flowers for Your Fall Garden

Learn how to create a beautiful and thriving garden with plants and flowers that will keep growing all season long. Some of our top suggestions are chrysanthemums, violas, marigolds, ornamental peppers, pansies, spring bulbs, shrubs, and trees.

Orange and red fall mums


Chrysanthemums look gorgeous in the fall. These vibrant perennials are available in a range of colours, from delicate white to bright orange. They do well in cooler temperatures, and planting them before the first frost will give the roots plenty of time to grow.

Ideal planting time: Early to mid-September
Two delicate purple violas


By planting violas in the fall, you can continue to enjoy their lively colour into the winter. They are highly tolerant to the lower temperatures and will easily last into the colder months. Just make sure you plant violas while the fall sun is strong so that they develop tough roots.

Ideal planting time: Early October

Pro Tip

Having trouble telling violets from pansies? Just look at the shape of the flower: while violets have 3 petals pointing downwards, pansies only have 1 petal pointing downwards.
Hand touching a bunch of yellow and orange marigolds


Marigolds produce brightly blooming flowers throughout the fall. True to their name (Merry-Gold), they are happiest when facing the sun. The best time to plant marigolds is in the middle of summer, when the roots can use the strong sunlight to grow tough and durable enough to withstand colder temperatures.

Ideal planting time: Early August
Black Pearl ornamental peppers

Ornamental Peppers

The beautiful ornamental pepper is not only nice to look at—it’s also edible! This fall gardening favourite has a stunning fall bloom, and it can withstand Canadian winters as well. Ornamental peppers come in different species including Medusa, black pearl, Sangria, and chili.

Ideal planting time: Early September

Pro Tip

Plant an assortment of ornamental peppers with chrysanthemums to create the perfect fall decor.
Person planting pansies


Like with violas, you can add some captivating colour to your fall garden with pansies. The sturdy roots grow best when soil temperatures are between 7°C and 18°C, and they can easily withstand chilly weather. They come in a versatile assortment of colours, and you can look forward to them popping back up again come spring!

Ideal planting time: Late September
Person planting flower bulbs

Spring Bulbs

Fall is a wonderful time to get ready for your spring garden with bulbs like daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips. Get a head start by planting these bulbs in September or October, when the soil is nice and cool.

Ideal planting time: Late September to early October

Pro Tip

Just dig a hole about two to three times the height of the bulb and add a protective layer of mulch on top to help them survive the winter frost.
Person planting a small shrub

Shrubs and Trees

Fall is also a great time to upgrade your landscape with shrubs and trees. The cool air and warm soil help to stimulate root growth, making for the perfect planting climate. The roots will also have enough time to grow until winter hits to survive the freezing temperatures.

Ideal planting time: Mid-September to mid-October

Pro Tip

Use rich and nutritious soil to ensure the shrubs and trees grow healthy and strong.

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