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Updated on February 14, 2024

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7 Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy

From privacy fences and retaining walls to gazebos and patio umbrellas, you can find plenty of solutions for improving your backyard privacy. Features like hedges and planter boxes also offer helpful ways to build up and improve your garden. To find out more about these and other backyard privacy tips, just keep reading below.

Why Improve Privacy in the Backyard, Deck, or Patio?

When it comes to dividing the yard into separate areas or blocking the neighbours’ view, there are options for every taste and budget—without compromising on style. Plus, improving the privacy of the backyard, deck, or patio often helps block the wind as well! Shop in store or online to find the right solutions for your outdoor space.
Modern pergola with a patio setWooden corner pergola

Put Up a Pergola

Pergolas let you enjoy the outdoors sheltered from the wind and rain without making you feel too confined. If you decide to change the layout of your outdoor space, a pergola is also a breeze to move around due to its freestanding design.

Build a custom pergola (like this trendy corner design) suited to your outdoor living space with Toja Grid—a modular system for building shaded areas of any size. The Toja Grid is available in different kits with pergolas of different designs. Each design is made of weather-resistant materials for long-lasting use, and assembly is quick and easy.

Pro Tip

Cover your pergola with vines or other climbing plants for some extra seclusion. Opt for grapevines for a tasty treat as well.

Modern gazebo with a patio set

Opt for a Gazebo

It doesn’t get much more private than an enclosed gazebo. Even better, the screens will keep bugs out, and you can nestle your gazebo into your landscaping for an appealing design. Choose from a selection of styles and sizes to go with your overall aesthetic.

For year-round privacy, consider an all-season gazebo that you can completely close off to keep the chilly winter weather out.
Small patio setLattice with artificial foliage

Install Lattice

Using a small-grid lattice screen is a cheap and easy way to create a sense of seclusion, especially if you pair it with shrubs and potted plants. It also provides some protection from the weather and shelter from nosy neighbours. While the crossed lattice pattern offers a classic look, there are many different, more modern options to choose from.

Pro Tip

Looking for backyard hot tub privacy ideas? Surround your spa zone with outdoor privacy screens, then hang curtains on the lattice to block out wind and provide greater privacy.

Natural wood privacy fenceFlower boxes on a black privacy fence

Build a Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are the most effective method of concealing your backyard from neighbours. They also clearly mark the property line and act as a windbreaker as well.

Put up your own fence in no time with the help of HOFT Solutions, a DIY system for building attractive fencing that offers privacy and concealment. You can even accessorize your HOFT fence with planters, shelves, and hooks. Another great option for increased privacy is Barrette fences and gates. The steel posts and wood fence panels offer a sleek and modern look for your backyard.
Three large planters with tall plants

Build Up the Garden Area


Hedges are a classic option for backyard privacy because they work. A tall hedge, for example, provides the same level of privacy as a stockade fence. Plus, it looks great all year-round and offers an inviting place for birds. Hedges are often taller than fences, providing additional privacy. We loooove how cedar hedges remain green and lush even during the cold season!

Retaining Walls

Build up your garden with a retaining wall that provides extra privacy and plenty of space to grow your herbs and vegetables. Multi-level retaining walls are a fantastic option for even more height and seclusion. Learn how to build a retaining wall yourself!


Even planters can help create more privacy in your backyard, particularly if you set up several tall ones next to each other. Plant some beautiful, dense flower varieties to bring gorgeous colours to your backyard at the same time.

A Planter with Integrated Lattice? Yes please!

We created a planter box with trellis that is perfect for creating private areas on a deck or yard. Gardening enthusiasts will love it. Just add vines or a few other climbing plants and you’re good to go!

Make Use of Outdoor Shades

Shades, screens, and curtains offer excellent outdoor privacy while allowing for good air circulation. They are also available in a variety of colours and styles, letting you choose the ones that work best with your outdoor decor.
Outdoor furniture with a boho umbrella

Set Up a Patio Umbrella

If your neighbour’s second-story windows look into your backyard, then you can secure greater privacy with a patio umbrella. You’ll also get to enjoy sun and rain protection and an attractive accent to your outdoor design scheme.

You’ll get to choose from freestanding, patio table umbrellas, and tilted patio umbrellas that can provide targeted privacy for any space in your yard.

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