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Updated on April 20, 2023

Pro Tips

How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home on a Budget

Reinvigorate your home’s curb appeal with new outdoor lights, patio furniture, plants, exterior paint, and more. From fixing up the driveway to installing a brand-new door, learn how to make all of these small but impactful changes on a budget!

Boho conversation set on a porch

Set Up Some Cozy Seating on the Front Porch

If you have the space for it, create a small sitting area where you will be able to sit and relax while looking at the activity on your street. All you need is a small outdoor rug to define the space and make it cozier, add one or two comfortable chairs, depending on the space you have, and a small coffee table. Don’t forget back cushions for extra comfort and style. If you want some intimacy, you can install privacy screens cleverly located or you can have tall shrubs in containers to hide you for the sidewalk view.
Porch with black outdoor lights

Use New Lights to Brighten the Front Porch

Adding some new outdoor light fixtures will improve the visibility, safety, and appeal of your front porch. There are many different options to choose from, including flush-mount lights and wall sconces. Motion sensors are also a great idea if you don’t want to keep your lights on all the time; they’ll flick on only when you need them.

Step even further into the 21st century by installing smart lights! Smart lighting fixtures can be controlled right from your phone, and you’ll even get an alert if your motion lights go off. Some come with additional safety features like a built-in camera.

Pro Tip

When you purchase lights for wet or damp locations, make sure they come with a UL rating:
  • Damp location UL ratings are suitable for areas like covered porches
  • Wet location UL ratings can be used even in uncovered areas (such as a pergola)
Exterior door painted in blue

Refresh the Front Door

There’s no better way to transform your home exterior than with a new door. As there are so many options to choose from, you can pick the door that best reflects your personality. For example, maybe you’d like an intricate glass design that allows plenty of light to filter through, or perhaps built-in blinds are more your style. Whatever you prefer, be sure you get optimal energy efficiency with an insulating core!

Just choose a door you love, and we’ll install it for you. Schedule your free consultation today.

Pro Tip

Why not give your front door a makeover while you’re at it? A new coat of paint will instantly provide a bolder look. Semi-gloss paint is a good choice if you want a door that is easy to clean. Make sure you use specifically formulated exterior paint that can resist the outside elements.
Matte black handleset with lock

Update the Door Hardware, Bell, and Chime

If you don’t want to install an entire front door, then new front door hardware is an effective and affordable option. Door handles are available in many finishes, including black, chrome, nickel, and brass. They also come both on their own and in sets. Great news: installing new door hardware is an easy DIY project for a weekend afternoon.

Pro Tip

Updating your door hardware is a great opportunity to install a smart lock or a smart chime. These high-tech locks come with features like voice command, individual user codes, and end-to-end encryption. They can improve your home security and give you greater peace of mind.
Small shrubs with black mulch

Plant Some Shrubbery

Bring some greenery to your front yard with shrubs! Planting shrubs in a line leading to your front door can give your landscape some style and add extra colour to your front yard in the fall as well. Shrubs are also great at filtering pollutants and dust from the air.

Pro Tip

Some great shrubs for novice green thumbs are Wintergem Boxwood, Crimson Fire Loropetalum, and Flirt Nandina.
Clean paved pathway behind a house

Upgrade the Patio Stones

Make a nice pathway to walk up to your home by upgrading your patio stones. From more functional to more stylish designs, there are pavers available for every taste. Get a traditional look with red brick or opt for a modern appeal with contrasting light and dark stones. Accent the walkway with a border of side pavers to keep things looking clean and elegant.

You can even use patio stones to extend your front porch into the yard! Set them down on the grass to make a sturdy and level foundation for patio benches, fountains, and other accessories.
Potted plants on a porch

Decorate with Potted Plants

Another way to add a lush touch to your front door is with some green plants and planters. You likely have plenty of usable space around your front door and window to transform your porch into a beautiful and fragrant garden. Planters are available in an array of colours as well, from lively turquoise to stately brass.

Anyone can start their very own canister garden. Just pick up some potting soil and get planting. Fresh herbs, foliage, and bright flowers are all great for packing your container.
Freshly restored asphalt driveway

Fix Up the Driveway

Keeping your driveway in good condition will reflect positively on your overall curb appeal. After all, it’s one of the first major components that guests see! Maintain your driveway regularly cleaning the surface and filling in any cracks right away. Repairing and resealing a driveway is an easy DIY weekend project with long-lasting results.
Modern black garage door

Replace the Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most visible components of your home, and many people come and go through it as well. Replace your old door with a new and modern model for a boost to your curb appeal and home value!
Exterior door with a fall-coloured wreath

Spiff Up Your Front Door Decor

A wreath is a lovely piece of decor that doesn’t have to be reserved for the holidays. A seasonal wreath is an affordable way to add impactful style to your home’s entryway and front porch.

Pro Tip

A doormat is a great, budget-friendly addition that’s both practical and pretty.
Brand new mailbox

Swap Your Mailbox and Address Signage for an Instant Refresh

It’s all in the details so changing your mailbox and home address signage is a sure bet for and instant refresh. For the address numbers, go for a font that is cleaner and more modern looking and make sure they are at least 4” tall to be well visible from the street. These are small upgrades that are often forgotten and will help give your house a more contemporary look.

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