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Choosing the right tool storage

Organize your workspace and clear up clutter with tool storage that suits your needs. Storage options like cabinets, chests, pegboards, wall shelving, and toolboxes provide a place for all of your tools and allow you to work more efficiently. Find out which types of tool storage are best for you.

Choosing cabinets and chests

If you have a large collection of tools, then cabinets and chests can provide most of the space and storage solutions you require.

Constructed of durable materials, utility cabinets and chests have a compact footprint and won't take up much room in your workspace. They offer a variety of drawer and tray configurations to hold both bulky tools and smaller accessories, keeping everything out of sight. Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing cabinets and chests for tool storage.

  • Features like drawer depth and extendability are important for storing bulky items.
  • Shallow drawers are better for storing smaller tools and accessories, like wrenches.
  • Padded or lined drawers prevent tools from sliding around, keeping them in good condition.
  • Caster wheels offer mobility, and lockable caster wheels also offer stability when needed.
  • Lockable chests and cabinets keep your tools secure and provide extra mobility as well.
  • Larger chests and cabinets can also function as an additional work surface.
  • For large-capacity cabinets and chests, make sure that there is enough space in your garage or workshop.

Hanging wall storage

Wall storage is a great option because it makes use of vertical space. It also keeps tools within easy reach, which is convenient for tools you use more often. The most common ways to store tools on the wall are pegboards, wall hooks and hangers, and wall shelves.


Pegboards come with numerous pre-drilled holes that allow you to configure your own storage arrangements using different types of hooks, hangers, holders, and organizers. Plus, you can easily rearrange things as your tool collection expands. The setup is strong enough to support most typical hand tools.

Wall hooks and hangers

Another option for storing tools on the wall is to simply secure utility hooks and hangers directly to wall studs or ceiling rafters. Wall hooks and wall hangers are meant for storing bulkier and heavier items, like larger power tools, gardening tools, ladders, and shovels.

Slatwalls, Track Systems and Accessories

The best choice for storing your tools on shelves in the garage or workshop is to use heavy-duty wire shelving. These shelves are specifically designed to evenly distribute the weight of bulkier items like large tools. Increased air circulation will also help protect your tools from mold and mildew.

Choosing other storage

There is no shortage of different ways to store your tool collection. Here are a couple of additional ideas that you can use to supplement your cabinets, wall storage, and toolboxes.

Bins and boxes

Bins and boxes are a convenient choice for long-term tool storage. You can use them as seasonal storage or for tools that you don't use on a regular basis. Boxes fit neatly side by side and plastic bins can also be stacked on top of one another to save space. Make sure you label your boxes or use clear bins so that you know what's inside to easily track down what you need.

DIY shelving

If you are going to make use of bins and boxes, then consider making your own storage unit to keep them in as well. This DIY guide will take you through the simple steps involved in building a versatile shelving unit for the garage. All you need is some wood beams and basic building tools and materials.

Pro Tip

Nothing beats a well-organized garage, and it all starts with proper storage. In addition to your tools, the garage is likely also where you store outdoor equipment, cleaning supplies, automotive accessories, and more. Save space and keep your garage tidy with garage cabinets. These larger cabinets offer enough room to store and organize all of your essentials. They are available in modular designs for storage flexibility.

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