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Power Up Your Smart Kitchen with These 12 Essentials

Smart technology is making its way into your kitchen to make your life easier. Discover our top finds for a connected kitchen: appliances, faucets, thermostats, entertainment devices, and much more.

Modern kitchen with stainless steel faucet

Choosing a Smart Kitchen Faucet

A sleek and stunning look paired with unmatched convenience thanks to hands-free technology and voice control. What more could you want? Upgrade to a smart model and:

  • waste less water
  • get better temperature control
  • do dishes faster thanks to more powerful cleaning
  • fill up containers more quickly

Moen smart faucet

Let Smart Appliances Make Your Life Easier

Make your life easier thanks to connected appliances (without compromising on style), such as:

  • a refrigerator with glass panels, so you can see your food
  • a stove you can control remotely
  • a dishwasher with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice command

Stainless steel smart refrigerator
Stainless steel smart stove
Stainless steel smart dishwasher
Modern kitchen with stainless steel smart appliances

Don’t Forget the Laundry Room

These two featured appliances combine performance, convenience, and reliability. They are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can control them, adjust their settings, or modify and customize cycles using your smartphone.

Black smart washer
Black smart dryer

Did You Know?

Heating is often what uses the most electricity in a home.

By choosing smart thermostats, you get:

  • a highly customized solution: keep total control of your environment by configuring zones and activities, and by adapting temperature variations based on your schedule.
  • simplicity at your fingertips: always feel comfortable at home thanks to a thermostat that adapts to your habits and considers the outside temperature to maintain a pleasant ambient temperature at all times. No more time changes—your thermostat does that for you!
  • real-time notifications: stay up to date on temperature fluctuations and potential problems thanks to information and notifications.

Keep a Cool Head with Smart Thermostats

Having a hard time choosing? See our Thermostat Buying Guide or discover our two featured products below.

Black Stelpro smart thermostat
Google Nest Termostat
Save on your electricity bill by reducing your energy consumption!
Black smart thermostat on a grey-brown wall

Make Every Day More Enjoyable with a Virtual Assistant

Equipped with voice command technology, the Google Nest Audio allows you to control the devices you use daily (lighting fixtures, thermostats, and other smart devices) while making life at home more enjoyable. Thanks to this virtual assistant, preparing meals and doing dishes feels faster than ever.


Improved Convenience and Comfort

The options for improving the comfort and convenience of your kitchen are virtually endless. Our favourites:

  • the Google Nest Hub, a centralized dashboard that allows you to control thousands of compatible devices
  • GE smart light bulbs, whose brightness and colour can be programmed or controlled using voice command
GE smart light-bulb kit
GE smart light-bulb

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