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How to choose the perfect gardening tools

For a beautiful yard, you must work with the proper tools. Follow the guide to learn what you need for lawn, flowerbed, tree, and vegetable garden maintenance.

Lawn care and maintenance

To maintain a healthy and lush green lawn, any homeowner should be equipped with a lawn mower and edge trimmer.

Trees and shrub pruning

Pruning promotes tree health and can prolong the life of older trees. Cut dead and weak tree limbs as well as branches growing too close together. To maintain the shape and size of your shrubs as long as possible, use the correct tools and prune at the right time of year (April-May, and September-October).

Flowerbed care and maintenance

Certain garden tools used to create and maintain landscaping, especially flowerbeds, are highly-valued. Since most work is done at ground level, it's important that you choose ergonomic tools that will promote good posture and reduce repetitive movements that can lead to discomfort or more serious injuries.

The vegetable garden

There is a range of tools for you to choose from for vegetable garden maintenance. In addition to the cultivator, trowel, hoe and rake, here are other tools that are very handy for gardening tasks.

General maintenance

These essential tools are applied to general landscape maintenance.

A homeowner's ideal toolkit

These are the “must-have” garden tools for garden and landscaping maintenance.

Cleaning and storage


You can prolong the life of your tools by keeping them clean, and prevent diseases from spreading between plants in your garden.
  • Cultivation tools:
  • Clean thoroughly after every use with water and a brush.
  • Rinsing the tool head is important to remove all excess soil.
  • Cutting tools:
  • Don't let plant sap and resin accumulate on the blades. Wipe off tool heads with an old rag soaked in gasoline.
  • Disinfect tools with alcohol or solvent to prevent diseases from spreading.
  • Use a whetstone or file to sharpen your cutting tools and lawn mower.

Storing your tools

It's important to put away your tools properly to protect them from rust. Store in a dry spot with the handles hanging down.

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