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Updated on June 12, 2023

Buying guide

Washers and Dryers: How to Make the Right Choice | RONA

The washer and dryer are two of the most frequently used appliances in any household. Doing the laundry may become a drudgery, but with the right laundry machines, you could save a lot of time. Read our guide to choose the right laundry machines!

Must-Have Appliances for Laundry

If your current laundry machines are outdated or just don’t clean or dry like it used to, it’s time to get a new washer and dryer combo. But with so many options, how do you choose? From the top washers to the best stackable washer-dryer combo, we have tips to help you choose the best appliances to tackle dirty laundry and make your life a little easier. Shop online or in store today!

Pro Tip

We often look to purchase laundry appliances in pairs to ensure a perfect fit that integrates well with the decor.

A stackable washer-dryer combo in a laundry closet

Choose a Stackable Washer-Dryer Combo

To save space, choose a stackable washer-dryer combo. Perfect for tighter spaces, these smaller units can be stacked or placed under a counter. There are even models with 2 compartments (one for washing and one for drying) and models with just one compartment for both steps, which further optimizes your laundry room space.

Types of Washers

Stainless-steel front-loading washing machine

Front-Loading Washers

This type of washer tumbles clockwise and counterclockwise to gently wash your clothes. Spin-drying speeds are faster, extracting water from your clothes more efficiently and reducing drying times. Most models are also equipped with vibration-reducing devices. The technology behind these models is constantly evolving, offering a range of features from steam cleaning to anti-allergen cycles.
White top-load washing machine

Top-Loading Washers

Most traditional top-loading washers are equipped with a dual action shaker. With this type of washer, you can add or remove clothes at any moment during the cycle. Some models have a detergent dispenser, automatic temperature features, etc.

Pro Tip

Note that the bottom of a top-load washer may be difficult to reach for shorter people.

Types of Dryers

There are 3 types of dryers on the market: electric, gas, and condensation models. New models offer a wide variety of features to help you save time, money, and energy.

Electric Dryers

Although their power source differs, electric and gas dryers offer essentially the same features. However, electric dryers are faster/easier to install and generally more affordable than gas models.

Gas Dryers

Gas models are more expensive to purchase and less common on the market. They must also be connected to a natural gas supply. However, they use less electricity and cost less to operate.

Condensation Dryers

This type of appliance uses a different technology than traditional dryers and requires no ventilation ducts. Condensation drying consists in removing humidity from the air, warming it, and redistributing it in the drum.

Pro Tip

Pedestals measuring approximately 15” can be installed under front-loading washers and dryers to raise the machines and help you load and unload them, and can also serve as storage drawers.

Washer and Dryer Features to Look Out For

Before choosing your washer and dryer, read about the following options and features.



Capacity is an important aspect to consider when choosing both the washer and the dryer. Take into account the volume and the frequency of your loads, as well as any specific needs you may have.

Water Level

All washers offer preselected water levels based on load size. Some models come with an automatic filling system that detects the quantity of clothes and the amount of water required.

Automatic Dispenser

This feature ensures a well-balanced wash, dispensing detergent at the right time to ensure optimal fabric care.

Steam Option

Steam removes stubborn stains and allergens during the wash cycle.

Touch Controls

Functions are activated with a simple touch. Some models offer a memory functionality so you can customize your cycles and save time.



Just like washers, capacity is an important aspect to consider when choosing a new dryer. Take into account the volume and frequency of your loads, as well as any specific needs you may have.

Steam Drying

This feature refreshes your clothes, eliminating creases and odours.

Steam-Assisted Crease Prevention

Use this feature to prevent creases from taking shape in your clean clothes.
Young woman doing the laundry

Embrace Smart Technologies

Smart technology is there to make your life easier and get your laundry done in no time! Enjoy options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, built-in sensors that detect fabric texture and load size, and more. Some models even offer voice control! The possibilities are endless.

Pro Tip

Still having a hard time choosing? When you see a model you like, scroll down to the Reviews section. You will be able to read the comments of our other customers!

Measure the Washer and Dryer Size

Here is a guide with the approximate sizes of washers and dryers. We suggest you refer to the manufacturer’s manual for precise measurements. 


Height (in)

Width (in)

Depth (in)

Capacity (ft3)











Logo of the Energy Star certification

Improve Laundry Machines Energy Efficiency

To conserve energy and save money, we recommend opting for an Energy Star® certified appliance.

High-efficiency models certified by ENERGY STAR consume much less water and energy. An ENERGY STAR-certified washer consumes up to 25% less energy and 33% less water than a non-certified appliance, and an ENERGY STAR-certified dryer consumes up to 20% less energy than a non-certified appliance. They help you save considerable amounts in the long run. A winning choice for you... and the environment.

In addition to providing information about the energy efficiency of appliances, the EnerGuide rating lets you compare usage costs from one appliance to another. For example, an ENERGY STAR-certified washer with a 150 kWh/annum EnerGuide rating will help you save 50% on usage costs, compared to a non-certified model with a 300 kWh/annum rating. These savings represent approximately $20/year! (Based on an average electricity cost of ¢13.5/kWh in Canada.)

Did You Know?

Have your new laundry appliances delivered and we’ll pick up your old ones for free! Thanks to this safe and convenient service, there’s no need to haul your old appliances to an ecocentre.


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