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Choosing eco-responsible floor covering

Discover our tips to better choose your eco-responsible floor covering among the products in store.

Comparing floor coverings

Comfort and appearance are not the only musts when it comes to choosing the right floor covering. It’s also possible to make eco-friendly choices that will take your family and the environment into consideration.

Of the many products available, the best choices:

  • lend themselves to different decorating styles;
  • require little maintenance;
  • are strong and long-lasting to reduce resource use.

Pro Tip

To improve the air quality in your home and reduce the impact on human health, your best bet is to choose floor coverings that require the least amount of glue, varnish and waterproofing products during installation and maintenance.

Pro Tip

Some manufacturers recover wood from buildings to make it into flooring or furniture. One way to reduce resource waste is to give wood a second life!

Making eco-responsible choices when installing

Every act counts. Use adhesives, sealers and grouts with low emissions of volatile organic compounds to install your floor covering.

During the installation and in the hours after, air out your home to evacuate the volatile organic compounds.

Installing underfloor heating takes a lot of expertise. Consult a professional to make sure the system will be safe and effective.

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