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How to Choose Christmas Lights

Christmas lights come in a wide array of styles, giving you a lot to consider when looking at new lights for your home. By familiarizing yourself with their different features, you can find the perfect lights for both your holiday indoor and outdoor decor.

Pro Tip

Always look for the UL standard logo when buying Christmas lights to check whether they are rated as suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Only outdoor-rated lights should be used outside, as they are designed to stand up to harsh winter conditions.

Christmas Light Safety Tips

Save yourself some trouble and avoid any potentially dangerous situations by using your Christmas lights safely. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Check your light cords for any fraying or damage before plugging them in.
  • Do not plug more than three sets of lights into one extension cord.
  • Use light clips rather than staples or nails to prevent malfunction, wire punctures, and electric shock.

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