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Updated on September 7, 2023

Buying guide

How to Choose Christmas Lights

Christmas lights come in a wide array of styles, giving you a lot to consider when looking at new lights for your home. By familiarizing yourself with their different features, you can find the perfect lights for your Holiday decor—both indoor and outdoor.

Illuminate Your Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year! Switch on the Holiday magic indoors and out with our assortment of Christmas lights! Discover our string lights, projection lights, icicle lights, and more, online or in store and light up the season!

Christmas Light Types

There are many different types of Christmas lights available for you to choose from, each suited to different purposes.

String Lights

  • Great for a traditional look
  • Come in a variety of designs
  • Suited to both indoor and outdoor displays

Icicle Lights

  • Used to add a glistening touch to your house’s roofline
  • Can be hung from awnings, windows, overhangs, and roof peaks

Net Lights

  • A convenient lighting solution for trees and shrubs
  • Connected in a net pattern that is easy to drape over foliage

Projection Lights

  • Much easier to set up than traditional lights
  • Available in numerous designs, themes, and colours
  • Can completely transform your home’s exterior

Rope Lights

  • Easy to wrap around posts and railings

Brighten your front porch in an array of colours

LED vs. Incandescent

Incandescent and LED string lights are both offered in many shapes and colours, but they are different in a few ways. 

Incandescent Lights

  • Often more affordable than LED lights
  • Offer a golden glow

LED Lights

  • More energy-efficient than the incandescent variety
  • Have a longer life, some lasting up to 100,000 hours
  • Produce less heat

Offered in a warm or cool hue

Christmas Light Bulb Sizes

Christmas lights are further differentiated by their bulb size. Have a look at the best uses for different sizes:

Mini-Bulbs (M5)

  • Commonly found on indoor Christmas lights
  • Good for decorating mantels, windows, and bookshelves

Micro-Lights (5mm)

  • Light is distributed in all directions in a pleasing halo effect, thanks to a recessed lens
  • Perfect for trees, wreaths, and garland, both indoors and out

C5-C9 Bulbs

  • Popular size for Christmas trees, window frames, and balconies
  • The ideal bulb for outdoor use due to its luminosity

Fairy Lights

  • One the most popular types of Christmas lights
  • Can be used in all sorts of ways
  • Give a whimsical look and feel to the decor
Window with white curtain lights

Specialty Lights

Many other types of bulbs and lights can be used to achieve all kinds of unique looks. From globes (G50) to pathway lights and curtain lights to tape strip lights to smart lights, the options are endless!
Different colours of Christmas lights

Christmas Light Colours

The colours of your Christmas lights will have a big impact on the overall look of your Holiday decoration. Choose the right colours for the best effect:
  • White lights: White is the colour of choice for a classic and timeless look, but also a good base for more creative lighting designs.
  • Monochromatic lights: These are great for creating a dramatic effect or colour-blocking larger areas. Popular options include red, green, blue, and yellow.
  • Multicoloured lights: With a combination of differently coloured bulbs, multicoloured lights are an easy way to create a fun and festive look.

Pro Tip

Some white LED lights come in a warmer glow, and others in a blueish hue.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Lights

Always look for the UL standard logo when buying Christmas lights to check whether they are rated as suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Only outdoor-rated lights should be used outside, as they are designed to stand up to harsh winter conditions.
Person installing Christmas lights on a roof

Christmas Light Safety Tips

Save yourself some trouble and avoid any potentially dangerous situations by using your Christmas lights safely.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:
  • Check your light cords for any fraying or damage before plugging them in.
  • Do not plug more than 3 sets of lights into one extension cord.
  • Use light clips rather than staples or nails to prevent malfunction, wire punctures, and electric shock.


Plug-in lighting timers are a convenient way to control your lights automatically. Check the compatibility with your lights beforehand and be sure not to overload them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put up my Christmas lights? 

  1. Have a plan. Choose your focal point and any geometrical lines you wish to create. Measure windows, eavestroughs, railings, and anywhere else you wish to hang your lights.
  2. Hook the lights onto eavestroughs or shingles using light clips.
  3. Do the same around railings and windows.
  4. Bring your shrubs or trees to life by draping light nets over their foliage. Install your timer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Switch them on and let your hard work enchant you! 

I want to put Christmas lights on my roof. How many do I need? 

A good gauge is 60’ of string lights to start. Then, add 10-12’ per awning. 

And how many to light up my Christmas tree? 

For a dazzling effect, you’ll need around 200 mini lights per 1.5' of tree height. For a more traditional sparkle, opt for 100 mini lights per 1'. 

How many strands of lights can I connect? 

It depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Can indoor lights be used outdoors? 

Indoor lights should not be used outdoors. See the UL rating to make sure that your lights can tolerate various weather conditions.

Lighted arch in front of a homeLighted reindeersLighted artificial tree

Complete the Look with Lighted Outdoor Decorations

Check out our outdoor lighted outdoor Christmas decorations to add even more Christmas curb appeal and make your home feel like a winter wonderland. From reindeers to gigantic ornaments and candy canes, we have all you need to spread the Holiday cheer!