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Build a wooden deck for an inground pool

We decided to stay in Quebec this summer, so we wanted to create a space to relax that we could fully enjoy with the family. We decided to install an inground fiberglass pool and create a patio area next to it.

Jess Megan
Lifestyle blogger
Wooden platform
Concrete slab contour

My inspiration

To bring a slightly warmer look to the pool area, we decided to create a patio platform that would be the same height as the edge of the pool. I had seen a few images that inspired me a lot on Pinterest (obviously).

The preparation

We started preparing the area by removing the grass. In order for the structure to be the same height as the pool, we dug about 8 inches deep for the wood frame and 2 feet where we needed to put the concrete blocks for the deck base. Finally, we covered the section under the patio with a landscape fabric (geotextile), to prevent the grass from growing back.

The construction

We decided to build a 12 ft x 25 ft treated wood patio, the same length as the pool. We chose treated wood to ensure continuity with the rest of the yard.

Before depositing the blocks,  we filled the holes with stone dust and compacted it.

To build the frame, we used 2 in x 6 in x 14 ft treated wood planks. For the deck floor, we used 5/4 in x 6 in x 12 ft treated wood planks.


The final touch

Finally, we are going to stain the patio at the end of the summer (we must let the wood breathe before) and furnish it with outdoor furniture. Then we will fully enjoy it!
Jess Megan
Lifestyle blogger
A Montreal native, Jess is passionate about home décor and just purchased her very first house. Along with her fiancé, she has a long list of renovations planned and counts on doing them all herself. You can follow her projects on her Instagram account @jessmegan.

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