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Andrew Tchernilevskii
Humour and lifestyle content creator

How to Make a DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Out of 2x4s

Having no room for an indoor Christmas tree this year, I wanted to build myself a wooden one to decorate and put in my backyard. I also wanted to make a small bench to accompany the tree, so I could sit there to admire all my hard work! In the end, the project was done quickly and didn't require a lot of renovation knowledge.

Screw on the hinges

  • 1.1 - Screw a hinge onto the end of a 2x4 (use treated wood and treated wood screws if the tree is going outside). Use 1½-inch screws. Repeat on the second 2x4.

Pro Tip

Make small holes with a wood drill bit before screwing in to make sure you don't crack the wood.

Make the base of the tree in a cross

  • 2.1 - Cut two 3-foot 2x4s with a saw. Cut another 2x4s about 5 feet (or smaller if space doesn't allow).

Pro Tip

Drill a hole of about ¾-inch each end of the 5-foot cross. The holes will allow you to add bolts and drive them into the earth to secure the tree.

Finish the base

  • 3.1 - Screw a hinge on each end of the cross (not on the 5-foot part). Cut a 6’-foot 2x4 for the base.

Put everything together as in the picture.

  • 4.1 - OPTIONAL: Place bolts in the ground. Use a hammer to tuck the bolts into the holes you made in the 2x4.

Create the base of the bench

  • 1.1 - Use treated wood and screws if you plan to use the bench outside. Cut two 42-inch 2x4s and two 16’-inch 2x4s. Position the wood in a frame.

Screw the corners

  • 2.1 - Screw the corners together to connect everything.

Create the interior slats

  • 3.1 - Measure the inside length of the base and cut four 2x4s.

Assemble the slats

  • 4.1 - Place the slats so that they are all the same distance from each other. To make sure they are level, place the slats on the floor before screwing them in.

Install the legs and strengthen the bench

  • 5.1 - The bench should be about 16-inch off the ground to be comfortable. Cut four 14½-inch legs (using 2x4s or 4x4s). Screw together with 2½-inch maximum screws. See the photo to know where to screw. Measure and cut a 2x4 that will go where the red arrow is. Add screws on each side of the base.


  • 6.1 - Use spray paint in the colour of your choice. For exterior use, be sure to use exterior paint. Make a first thin layer and then wait 20 minutes before applying a second coat. Allow drying for one hour before moving it.


  • 7.1 - Once you're done, decorate the tree with LED lights!
Andrew Tchernilevskii
Humour and lifestyle content creator
Andrew is a humour and lifestyle content creator. He recently undertook a major project: the renovation of his entire apartment! Now he wants to undertake DIY projects to decorate the place. You can follow his work on his Instagram account @andrew.tche

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