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How to build a Christmas tree with a wood pallet

This is the perfect tree: it is made of recycled wood, does not lose its needles, is affordable, and eternal (well, almost).

Set the pallet on the floor in a safe location


Draw the line

Draw the lines with a lead pencil and a board or with a chalk line. Start the lines in the middle of the top vertical board and go down to the two corners.

Cut the pallet along the lines with the jigsaw


Turn the pallet over, and cut the other horizontal boards


Remove the nails from the longest board with a hammer


Nail the board you just removed to the bottom of the middle vertical board


Sand the tree to avoid slivers, and for a more attractive finish



  • 8.1 - Add white strings of lights
  • 8.2 - Install finish nails to hang your favourite Holiday decorations.

Pro Tip

If you have children or animals, attach the tree to the wall or put a weight on its base to keep it stable.