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Christmas tree wall shelf

Designed for the intermediate handyman, this project is a great way to replace the traditional Christmas tree. And it’s perfect for small spaces!

Gather the material


Measure and cut the planks

  • 2.1 - See the plan for the list of cutting lengths.
  • 2.2 - Mark the planks and cut the pieces.
  • 2.3 - Make angled cuts as indicated in the plan.

Assemble the tree

  • 3.1 - Following the instructions in the plan, glue the planks together using wood glue.
  • 3.2 - Finish the assembly by nailing the pieces together using the nailer.

Pro Tip

If you don’t have a nailer or compressor, you can also screw the planks together using a drill/driver.

Decorate the tree and admire your work

  • 4.1 - Hang the shelf on the wall or place it on a table.
  • 4.2 - Decorate it to your liking and admire your beautiful work.