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How to create a snow globe in less than an hour

Snow globes are appreciated by both children and adults. It's a good idea for a guest gift and it's also a fun activity to do with children.

Gather the material


Use the mandrel and drill to cut out a circle from the board


Glue the figurines on the wood circle with water-resistant glue


Glue the wood circle inside the Mason jar's top with water-resistant glue

Let dry 24 hours.

Pro Tip

Choose a Mason jar with few patterns on the sides so it is easier to see the snow globe's contents.

Put the water in the jar

Put 2 tbsp of glitter, 2 tsp of glycerin and water in the Mason jar. The glycerin increases the water's density, and helps the glitter float more freely.

Close and flip the jar

Step back and admire!