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How to create a Christmas ribbon wreath for an exterior door

Here's a wreath brimming with Christmas cheer that will brighten your front door in an original way.

Gather the material

For a 12-inch diameter wreath, you need 40 inches of wire and 16 feet of ribbon.

Cut the steel wire to the desired length

Form a circle with it. Our wreath is 30 cm in diameter and we used a wire which is 35 cm long.

Set the ribbon on the burlap

Pro Tip

Use a ribbon with thin metal wire in the edges; it will be more malleable.

Skewer the burlap and ribbon on the steel wire

Bend them to create additional volume. Repeat until the wreath is full.

Close the wreath by twisting the steel wire with the cutting pliers


Make a bow with the checkered ribbon


Attach the bow with the picture wire