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Do it yourself

Privacy wall

Can your neighbor see right into your yard or onto your balcony? A privacy wall may be the solution to the problem. Easy to build, this project takes less than a day to complete.

See the plan for plank dimensions and the assembly instructions.


Create the base

  • 1.1 - Determine the placement of the privacy wall.
  • 1.2 - Choose the type of foundation according to the placement, the type of soil, and wind.
  • 1.3 - On the ground, mark a 40" distance center-to-center. This is the distance between the two posts.
  • 1.4 - Follow the steps outlined in our fence foundation DIY project to secure the posts into the ground.

Assemble the parts

  • 2.1 - Center the first plank at the top of the posts, make sure it is level.
  • 2.2 - Pre-drill with a drill/driver, secure with galvanized steel screws
  • 2.3 - Measure and mark a 3" space under the first plank. You can also make a template using a 3"X3" wood block as a guide to have the same spacing between the horizontal planks.
  • 2.4 - Repeat for each plank.

Protect the wood

  • 3.1 - Stain each piece, making sure to cover the cut marks properly.

Pro Tip

Follow the steps of our Stain a deck or outdoor wood structure DIY project to stain your privacy wall like a pro.

Install the clamps

  • 4.1 - Using a pencil, mark where the flower pots will go.
  • 4.2 - Adjust the diameter of the clamps to that of the pots.
  • 4.3 - Add two screws to each clamp, securing them to the wall.
  • 4.4 - Place the flower pots in the clamps

Plant flowers and add a string of lights

All that’s left is to plant some flowers and install a string of lights. And, of course, enjoy the privacy.

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