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Candy dispenser decorated for Halloween
Do it yourself

How to Build a Candy Dispenser for Halloween

Thanks to this easy-to-make candy dispenser, you can offer sweets from a safe distance to kids trick-or-treating this Halloween. Decorate it to your liking!

Person cutting a PVC pipe with a mitre saw
Person sanding the end of a pipe

Prepare the Dispenser Pipe

  • 1.1 - Cut the PVC pipe based on the location of your dispenser (i.e., on a handrail or in the front yard).
  • 1.2 - Sand and cut the pipe ends to make everything smooth. This step is important for protecting your hands and those of the children.
Person spraying white paint on a pipe
Person wrapping gauze around a pipe

Decorate Your Pipe

  • 2.1 - Paint the pipe with white aerosol paint.
  • 2.2 - Decorate the pipe with accessories (white gauze and fake blood, spiders and spiderwebs, skulls, artificial fall leaves).

Before You Continue

Installation on a Handrail: Secure the dispenser using nylon cable ties (choose a colour that matches your project). That’s all there is to it!

Installation in a Front Yard (Driveway or Lawn): Follow the simple steps below to build two support stands.

Person cutting wood planks with a mitre saw
Person cutting a plywood sheet

Cut the Support Stand Parts

  • 3.1 - Cut 2” x 2” planks to your preferred height based on your own height (for example, one 4’ plank and another of 2’).
  • 3.2 - Cut two plywood sheets (12” x 24”) for the support stand bases.
Person building wooden support stands

Assemble the Support stands

  • 4.1 - Build the support stands with the width of your pipe in mind (3” in this case).
  • 4.2 - Assemble and secure the support stands onto their plywood bases using screws (from beneath).
Person painting a stand black with a roller

Paint the Support stands

  • 5.1 - Paint the support stands black.

Install the Support Stands

  • 6.1 - Using screws or nylon cable ties, secure the pipe to the support stands in the location of your choice in front of the house.

Decorate Your Project

  • 7.1 - Decorate the final product with accessories (white gauze and fake blood, spiders and spiderwebs, skulls, artificial fall leaves).

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