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Do it yourself

DIY Nordic Christmas village

The Holidays are often a super busy time of year, so it’s important to make time to relax. Take a creative break and build your own Christmas village. It’s a beautiful, festive decoration that will surely find a place in your home year-round.

Émilie Desjarlais
Content creator
It’s the perfect occasion to go pull out some of the things you already have on hand
Step 1: Trace a V
Step 2: Glue the wood
Step 3: Hide the cracks
Step 4: Sand the corners
Step 5: Paint the houses

Cutting, sanding, and painting

  • 1.1 - First, trace a V on the piece of wood at the desired angle. Then, cut the wood using the jig saw. You can vary the height of the different houses to add depth to the village.
  • 1.2 - To vary the width of certain houses, cut two identical pieces of wood and glue them together.
  • 1.3 - Once dried, apply wood filler to hide the cracks.
  • 1.4 - Sand the houses down with 120 grit sanding paper. If you prefer a smooth finish, sand again using 220 grit.
  • 1.5 - For paint, I chose neutral tones to stay within a Scandinavian esthetic. You can always use your creativity and paint the houses with a more mixed palette. This step can even be done by the kids, by using non-toxic paint. You can even glue pictures of the family onto the houses to further personalize your village.

Pro Tip

If you have young children, I feel like these decorations will also be used as toys. In that case, I’d recommend using a non-toxic oil. It’ll be a better, safer, option.


Putting the village together

Once the paint dries, all that’s left is to place the houses and decorate the village.

Enhance the wintery vibe with fake snow and different sized Christmas trees. Paired with curtain lights, this little project is the perfect decoration for windowsills.

To make the village even more festive, you can choose from a wide selection of figurines on the website.

Get crafting, and Happy Holidays!

Émilie Desjarlais
Content creator
Émilie is a content creator and a stylist. Very active on social media, you can follow her work and daily life with her daughter on her Instagram page @brookandpeony  and find her inspirations on Pinterest.

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