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Do it yourself

How to Easily Build a Home Office

I always wanted a home office to help minimize my distractions and increase my productivity. However, when designing my basement, I was left with a small odd-shaped room with a nook. Inspired by a multitude of online pictures of home offices, I realized that this room was only missing additional storage to become a great office. I came up with this simple design using the sleek-looking Eklipse collection onyx cabinets.

Patrick Jérôme
Rêverie Woodworks


Natural shades are in the spotlight in Patrick Jérôme’s home office. Use our SICO paint selector to find the perfect color for your office.

Eklipse Base Cabinet with Drawers
Eklipse Wall Cabinet
Eklipse Pantry Kitchen Cabinet

Preparing the Tools for Desk Installation

These cabinets are extremely easy to install using only basic tools. 

I needed a pencil, tape measure, utility knife, drillscrew driver, stud finder, wood shims, 24" level, 2 ½" wood screws, 1 ⅛" pan head screws, circular saw with guide, clamps, a compass for scribing and a belt sander.

Eklipse preassembled cabinets delivered in boxes
Installation of cabinets feet

Installing the cabinets on the wall

The cabinets arrived preassembled, which really facilitated the job. Here are the steps that I suggest for their installation:
  • 2.1 - Remove the cabinets from the cardboard boxes and screw the adjustable feet to the bottom of the cabinets.
  • 2.2 - Place the cabinets in the desired location and level them using the adjustable feet.
  • 2.3 - Mark the location of studs using your stud finder. You can use a wood shim against the wall if necessary. Secure your cabinet to the studs using the wood screws.

Eklipse Cabinets of Patrick Jérôme’s Home Office


Installing the desk countertop

Once the cabinets were installed, the countertop installation was next. Here are the steps I followed:
  • 3.1 - Measure and cut the finishing panels to any exposed cabinet sides. Secure the panels with 1 ⅛" pan head screws. Scribing may be necessary depending on how straight the wall is.
  • 3.2 - Install the desired pull-drawer hardware.
  • 3.3 - Measure and cut the toe kick, secure to the bracket provided with the cabinet. Install the countertop.
That's it for the DIY part ! Let's now see what I did to complete my perfect home office.

Pro Tip

In addition to being stylish and easy to install, Eklipse cabinets are excellent value for money. This allows you to add a few more elements to make your workspace even more functional !
Home office with Eklispe cabinets and storage

Installing the shelves above the work desk

I installed a couple of live-edge floating shelves and a small monitor stand to add layers to my office space. Adding simple esthetic elements to reflect your personality is easy to do. This project is suitable for any DIYer !
Patrick Jérôme
Rêverie Woodworks

When Patrick Jérôme is not working as a full-time firefighter with the Medicine Hat, Alberta, fire department, he can be found creating things with wood. He enjoys documenting his builds and the time spent in his shop helps relieve stress and provides mental clarity for work and family life. 

You can follow his projects and realizations on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.