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Oiled cedar side table
Do it yourself

How to Build a Cedar Side Table

Place this elegant side table next to your bath so you can set down a candle, cup of tea, or book to make for an even more relaxing experience. With its subtle angles, it evokes an artisan’s timeless work and know-how and helps set a soothing and reassuring atmosphere in your bathroom.

Difficulty level: Pro
Duration: 5 hours
Download the plan
Pro Tip
Since it’s naturally resistant to humidity, cedar is the perfect material for a bathroom. It also has a nice smell that evokes a day at the spa.
Person cutting wood planks using a mitre saw

Measure and Cut the Boards

  • 1.1 - Measure, mark, and cut the boards using a mitre saw.
Person tracing corners using a measuring tape
Person rounding the corners using a roll of tape
Person cutting a corner using a jigsaw

Round the Corners

  • 2.1 - Using a measuring tape and a pencil, draw a line at 1 1/2” from the corner on each side.
  • 2.2 - Use a round shape to trace the curve. You need to round out the area by connecting the lines.
  • 2.3 - Stabilize the board using clamps, then cut along the cutting line using a jigsaw.

Pro Tip

You can trace and cut a corner, then use it as a guide for the other corners.
Person tracing on wood with a pen
Person cutting wood with a jigsaw

Cut the Centre Piece

  • 3.1 - Using a pencil and a measuring tape, follow the plan’s measurements to draw cutting lines for the main assembly piece.
  • 3.2 - Cut the board into two equal parts lengthwise using a mitre saw.

Pro Tip

You can use one of the boards as a support for your measuring tape.

If you don’t have a mitre saw, use a jigsaw as well as a cutting guide (such as a ruler) secured with clamps to make a straight cut.

Use the main assembly piece as a template to trace the second piece before cutting it.
Animated image of a piece of wood falling

That moment when the piece falls… so satisfying!

Person tracing a line using a level
Person cutting wood using a jigsaw

Cut the Legs

  • 4.1 - Write the measurements at the top and bottom of the leg. Trace a line between the two points using a level to create the angle.
  • 4.2 - Cut the leg along the cutting line using a jigsaw.
Person sanding wood using a sander

Sand Down Every Piece

  • 5.1 - Sand down all the pieces (rounded corners and sides) by hand or using a sander. Use a bar clamp to secure identical pieces together and sand them simultaneously to get uniform angles and finishes.
Mitre saw cutting wood at an angle

Cut the Leg Angles

  • 6.1 - Cut the top and bottom of each leg at 5° (1/4”) using a mitre saw while making sure to reverse the cutting angle so the side table is level.

Designer Tip

For a simplified design and build, don’t cut the ends of the legs at an angle.
Person securing a piece of wood using screws
Person finishing assembling the side table


  • 7.1 - Using a drill and a bit of the appropriate diameter, pre-drill the pieces and attach the legs to the main piece.
  • 7.2 - Assemble the side table (refer to the animated GIF below if needed).
  • 7.3 - Secure everything in place using screws.
Animated image explaining how to assemble the side table

Here’s how you should assemble the side table:

Person oiling the side table

Add the Finishing Touch

  • 8.1 - Apply oil to every visible surface using a rag.

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